Flying Panda in The Story Traders of Sichuan

Flying Panda in The Story Traders of Sichuan

Wednesday 8 December 2010

A troupe of Western performers and musicians come face to face with masters of the Sichuan opera and are set the task of using their combined skills to create a performance unlike any you will have seen before. 

With an astounding array of costumes, acrobatic routines, evocative song and exotic percussion, be taken on a journey where you will encounter wise old men, greedy emperors, fiery women and lovers who turn into butterflies. And somewhere in this chaotic adventure will be the man who can change face –  the highlight of the Sichuan opera and a closely-guarded secret – it really does have to be seen to be believed!

A riot of storytelling and action, of song and spectacle, this original new show for all the family will amaze all who see it. Funded by the Cultural Olympiad’s Igniting Ambition scheme.



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