Past events

Sarah Millican: Typical Woman
Ala Bashir: Recent work
Oily Cart: Drum
Jenny Grevatte: A Painter's Progress
Caryl Phillips: In the Falling Snow
Hetain Patel: Ten
Flying Panda in The Story Traders of Sichuan
The Wheel Turns
Andrew Lawrence: The Too Ugly for Television Tour
Red Comedy: Paul Sinha
Beyond the Horizon
Let's Dance Festival: EDge
Scottish Opera: Baby O
An(other) Story: Folk and Tribal arts in India
Print out
Hatch: Fresh
Maison Foo: Memoirs of a Biscuit Tin
Dance4: Do Not Be Afraid
The Art of Visual Perception
The Funny Side
Russell Garnett for Objective Talent Management: Worbey and Farrell
Games People Play
Shona Reppe: Potato Needs a Bath
The Gramophones Theatre Company: End to End
Paul Currie: Kid's Comedy
Beyond Compere- Laurence Clark: Inspired
Art and Architecture
David Toole and Lucy Hind in Extra-Ordinary
Catherine Denecy in Unpeaubeaucoupalafoliepasdutout
Sculpture in the Garden 2013: A Change of Heart
Darbar Festival: Anupama Bhagwat - sitar and Gurdain Rayatt - tabla
Practical Dialogue
Dance4: Jack Webb double bill
Fine Chisel Theatre: Midnight at the Boar's Head
Red Earth Theatre and mac Birmingham: Emil and the Detectives
Caroline Horton and China Plate: Mess
Speaking Out
Mat Fraser: Cabinet of Curiosities
Embrace the Weekend: Artijoke with Mark Olver
Abnormally Funny People
Art Shark: Boudoir
Galina Vale: From Spain with Love
How to Occupy an Oil Rig
Embrace, Create, Connect
Heavy Load: Stay up Late
Abnormally Funny People

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