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Moonbeam on a Cat's Ear

Two dancers horizontally back to back.

Jabuti Theatre
Sunday 26 January
1pm - 1:45pm and 3pm - 3:45pm
£5, £15 Family of Four
Suitable for ages 3 and above

Based on the book by author and illustrator Marie-Louise Gay, this visual adventure features puppetry, movement, and music.

In the middle of the night Rosie, Toby Toby, the cat and the mouse sneak out to play in the shadow of the apple tree. When Toby steals the moon from the sky they go on an adventure across the stars and the sea. But, was it all just a dream?

Based on the book by author and illustrator Marie-Louise Gay, this visual adventure uses puppetry, physical theatre, light boxes and mesmerizing original music to bring the magic of the story to life.

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The Spark Festival

Monday 10 - Sunday 16 February

As the largest independent children’s festival in England and Wales, The Spark Festival returns with the very best theatre, dance, music and visual arts for young people 0-13 years.



Monday 10 February and Tuesday 11 FebruaryA baby leaning forward with hand on a globe.

11am - 11.35am
1pm - 1.35pm
2.30pm - 3.05pm

£5 / £15 Family of four

A stunning multi-sensory experience for pre-walking babies and their parents and carers. Unfolding in a custom-built performance tent, Nest takes audiences on a journey through the seasons, using playful poetry supported by an original score, captivating movement, puppetry and tactile and sensory play. Gentle, surprising and magical.

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Snow Mouse

The egg and Travelling Light Theatre companyA woman and child sitting on a white furry rug watching something.

Friday 14 February – Sunday 16 February

11am - 11.40am
1pm - 1.40pm

£5 / £15 Family of four

Suitable for ages 6 months – 4 years

Winter has arrived and the woods are covered in white. A child hurries to put on their winter clothes so they can run outside and play in a sparkly new world. Just when they are starting to feel a bit lonely they find a sleeping mouse buried under the soft white flakes. Sliding, tumbling and laughing, they explore the winter wonderland together and keep each other safe and warm from the winter freeze.

Join the two new friends on their adventures in a magical forest full of play, puppetry and music.

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BYOB Comedy

Three babies try to climb on to a stage with the words "stand-up" behind it.

Monday 17 February
12pm - 1:15pm
£5 for you and baby / £15 family of four Suitable for age 16+ and under 15 months

Our award-nominated lunchtime comedy club for you and your little one. With comedy for grown ups and toys, soft flooring and more for baby - a top night out during the day. Featuring the best comedians from the Leicester Comedy Festival.

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Free Family Extravaganza

Comedy Festival

Baby wearing a moustache holding stringed lighting

Saturday 22 February
11am - 1pm

Funny Family Extravaganza! Join comedian Dan Nicholas and our friendly learning crew to see the funny side of things. Expect belly laughs, silly stand up, and fun for all the family. Everyone is welcome and supported at this inclusive family event. Followed by a family friendly comedy art gallery tour.

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Fafunia Springy Stories

A woman and child having fun with puppets.

Enter Edem

Sunday 15 March
11am - 12.30pm
1.30pm - 3pm

Pay what you think

Suitable for ages 3+ or early years with parental supervision

In with the new and sparkling dew! Sing along with the birds and take in the sweet smells as the flowers come into bloom in this beautiful Spring tale! Springy stories is an interactive puppetry and storytelling experience based in the fairy kingdom ‘Fafunia!’


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The Twisted Tale of Hansel and Gretel!

An illustrated image with black shadow trees and a book on the floor with bright lights immersing.

Open Theatre and MBD

Saturday 21 March (relaxed performance)
1pm – 2.10pm

Sunday 22 March
11am - 12.20pm
1pm - 2.10pm

£5 / £15 Family of four

Suitable for ages 5+

A flustered storyteller is joined by a mischievous mocking bird as he follows Hansel and Gretel deep into the forest. All is not what it seems, as the characters start to tell their own version of this peculiar adventure. Meet the wicked witch and her really rather eccentric chefs in this truly imaginative version of Hansel and Gretel. Live music, hilarious performance and a mesmerising design ensures that this play will entertain and amuse the entire family.


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Un Dia

A woman crunching her teeth wearing a pair of red and yellow claw gloves.

Enter Edem

Sunday 29 March
11am - 11.45am
1pm - 1.45pm

£5 / £15 Family of four

Suitable for ages 4+

A heartwarming adventure story about Phillipe, a boy full of curiosity and imagination, and his fun loving grandfather William, who transforms himself into the ‘Candle Man’ during this fantastical tale. After an unfortunate event a media buzz takes hold and unwanted attention attracts a suspicious woman, will they escape her greedy claws? Experience the story unfolding in a spectacular visual feast, with live music and fantastic family fun. Una Dia is a bonkers, bright and beautiful family puppetry show that looks at questions of time and value, join Enter Edem as they take you on a journey with these unlikely heroes to see what could happen in ‘one day!’


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Free Family Extravaganza

Kelly Richardson - Mariner 9

Kelly Richardson - Mariner 9

Saturday 18 April
11am - 1pm

Space Family Extravaganza! Join amazing artists and our friendly learning crew to explore a futuristic space scape, inspired by Kelly Richardson’s’ Mariner 9. Props,performance and intergalactic fun for all the family. Everyone is welcome and supported at this inclusive family event.

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The Unexpected Adventures of Darwin the Chimp

A shadowed chimp holding onto the cage.

Ditto Theatre Company

Sunday 19 April
11am - 12pm
1pm - 2pm

£5 / £15 Family of four

Suitable for ages 5+

In a small cage, behind narrow bars, lived a chimp. Every day he was gawped at, poked and taunted. He always wondered what life was like beyond the zoo.

When a postcard is dropped in front of the chimp’s cage, everything changes. He picks it up and sees others just like him. They were together and happy. He wished he could swing amongst the highest of trees. He longed for a family and somewhere to belong.

Join Ditto on an adventure of friendship, family and what it means to be home.


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What's Coming Out of The Box

A funny creature made of mud with a twig leaning on his shoulder.

Sunday 26 April
11am - 1pm
£5 / £15 family of four

Suitable for ages 5+

Bonhomme is a family show built with mud and powered by thoughts. Based in a community garden, this immersive and participatory show blends storytelling, object theatre, live music and philosophy for children. Children are natural philosophers and start to question the world around them very early on. What’s Coming out of the Box firmly believes that children’s theatre should not shy away from big juicy topics. We enjoy asking big questions to small people.

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