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Family workshops

  • family workshops
  • Family Workshops

  • Free Saturday Workshops, 1 – 3pm
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Free, drop-in activities in the galleries. Explore themes, materials and ideas from the exhibition with our friendly learning team. No experience needed.
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  • Family Extravaganza: New world Histories, Inspirational Archive

  • Saturday 8 June, 11am – 1pm,
  • followed by Family workshop in gallery 2, 1pm – 3pm.
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Led by artist Sian Watson Taylor, this free family drop in event will be a vibrant exploration of Aarons’ exhibition, and a chance for families to make new histories.
  • It is also part of the University of Leicester’s Alumni Open day events, so we expect a lot of walk up.
  • Taking place in the main hall, we will have a shed in the centre of the hall. The shed is a safe space for families to take on a new character, with a performance space, to truly embody their new selves.
  • The shed will have space for artefacts to be presented around it – a pop up exhibition space for children to curate, with their objects and artefacts, painted in dayglow colours that are the remains of their characters archive.
  • Families can take part in 2 activities – an artefact station, creating artefacts from 2 things that shouldn’t work e.g. a teaspoon inscribed with poetry, and then create a label for that piece. To then present on a plinth by the shed.
  • There will also be a props creation station, where families can work on creating their character to embody in the shed. The doors of the shed will be replaced with gold curtains, and a performance space created. The shed can be decorated with dayglow paint, and cut outs, and UV handheld lights to play with the space.
  • There are no rules – families can create their own interpretation
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