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  • Kesha Raithatha: Traces

  • Friday 19 January, 7 - 8pm
  • Tickets: £6 / £5. All ages welcome
  • In her first self-choreographed work, Kesha takes us on an abstract journey through her impressions of living, travelling and journaling throughout the Indian subcontinent. The division of people from each other and themselves is physically expressed through retrospective memory and emotions.
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  • Naomh Cullen: I Farted in Shavasana

  • Friday 26 January, 7 - 8pm
  • Tickets: £6 / £5. 12+ years
  • Naomh Cullen is attempting to cure her mental and physical ailments through any means necessary (apart from medicine or any real change in diet or lifestyle). Join her for an easy breezy yoga class where she makes you feel better about any embarrassing story you have about yourself. Bring comfortable clothing and an open mind!
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  • Kirsty Mealing: Cat Got My Tongue (I Hope It Comes Back)

  • Sunday 28 January, 7 - 8pm
  • Tickets: £6 / £5. All ages welcome
  • Finding herself lost for words in a busy bar, a woman steps into very large shoes to get them back in this semi-autobiographical love story between a body and her elusive voice, separated by Social Anxiety.


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  • Dave Parkin: Good Friday

  • Friday 2 February, 7.30 – 8.30pm
  • Tickets: £6 / £5. 14+ years
  • Recovering from depression back in 2010, Dave learnt piano. Nine simple and honest songs quickly came to fruition about his troubling breakdown. Chatting between songs, Dave takes us from failed suicide attempt to ending up going on holiday to Thailand
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  • Ashok Mistry: The Birth of Understanding

  • Friday 16 and Saturday 17 February, 10am – 5pm
  • Free. All ages welcome
  • Explore ritual, storytelling and gameplay by contributing to a large scale sand drawing made through visitor participation. This live artwork will feature performances by dancer Jessica Murray and percussionist David Stickman Higgins. The Birth of Understanding culminates in the drawing being destroyed by participants, which does not mark the end, but instead the creation of something new.


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  • Apples and Snakes: The No Panic Book of Not Panicking

  • Saturday 17 March, 3 - 4.30pm
  • Tickets: £6 / £5. 16+ years
  • Meet the poets as they read stories from The No Panic Book of Not Panicking that explores personal experiences of panic and anxiety, practical and creative strategies for coping, and attitudes towards mental health. There will be a Q&A session and a talk about how writing can help well-being.
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  • Lapelle’s Factory: The Night Shift featuring The Dice Man Speaks

  • Workshop: 9pm Friday 2 March – 9.30am Saturday 3 March. 18+ years.
  • Public performance: Saturday 3 March, 8 – 9am. All ages welcome.
  • Pay What You Think
  • This is a very special creative all-nighter: a theatrical lock-in for anyone interested in rapid-response theatre making and staying up really, really late. The night’s chance-based production is inspired by The Dice Man Speaks, a new spoken word composition set to music composed by Sputnik Weazel with the words of Luke Rhinehart, author of The Dice Man. Artists are welcomed to join the ten hour workshop, resulting in a public sharing at 8am the following morning.
  • woman standing infront of grafiti smoking.jpg
  • Jackie Hagan: This Is Not A Safe Space

  • Friday 23 March & Saturday 24 March, 7pm - 8.10pm
  • Tickets: £10 / £5. 18+ years
  • Jackie Hagan reveals the real voices of proper skint disabled people in her new solo show that aims to get people to sit up, listen and care without keeling over with empathyfatigue or boredom of statistics. Expect audience interaction, DIY puppetry, poetic comedy with comedic poetry, and one underclass amputee steering the show.

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