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  • Grunts and Grapples

  • 13 April - 27 May
  • FREE
  • Grunts and Grapples profiles the golden age of British Wrestling from the 1950s until the 1990s. Wrestling was a central part of British life, with iconic figures such as Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy appearing in hundreds of UK town halls and theatres night after night, as well as featuring on national TV. This exhibition explores how the showmanship of wrestling drew on earlier traditions of public entertainment such as music hall and circus, and how this informed the development of the characters, storylines and audience participation unique to the sport. Curated by design historian Kerry William Purcell.
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  • Attenborough Forum: Greetings Grapple Fans!

  • Thursday 26 april. 6pm - 7.30pm
  • FREE. 12+
  • In 1988, after its cancellation on ITV, it seemed that British Wrestling had died. Recently, however, there has begun an unlikely resurgence. British Wrestling now leads the world. Shows sell out in minutes and local athletes are admired worldwide.
    Join wrestling expert Dr Claire Warden and a panel of special guest including: professional wrestler Dave Mastiff, and curators Kerry William Purcell and Dr Ben Litherland for a fun and engaging journey through the history of British Wrestling.


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  • Live Wrestling

  • Friday 11 May. 6pm - 9pm
  • FREE. 12+

  • Back by widespread demand, the Wrestling Resurgence team bring you another night of live wrestling filled with Backbreakers, Chokeslams, Dropkicks and Facebusters. This highly entertaining sport will have you cheering and jeering at some of the UKís top wrestling characters. Starring Flash Morgan Webster, The Pansexual Phenomenon AKA Jack Sexsmith, The Henchmen, Chuck Mambo, Chakara, Primate and many more.
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