A man holding a baby stands in front of St Pauls Cathedral.

Tangram Theatre
Thursday 17 October
7pm - 8:15pm
£10 / £5 Concessions, £30 Party of four
Suitable for ages 14+

Two years ago, James’ best friends asked for his sperm – to start a family. A deeply personal story about faith, foxes, and trying to do the right thing even when it involves taking off all your clothes.

**** ‘Captivating’ – Sunday Times

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James Rowland - Storytelling Workshop (2pm)

Join James Rowland for a pre-show workshop 'Storytelling'. James will share how he goes about putting together a story and how to perform it. Workshops attendees will have access to a free ticket for the evening performance.

To book your place on the workshop please visit;


Death - A Romantic Comedy

A smiling man dressed in a black hood with a Scythe and a bunch of roses.

Friday 25 October
7pm - 8:30pm
£10 / £5 concession
Suitable for ages 16+

Comic, poet and psychiatric nurse, Rob Gee presents a roller-coaster story about drinking, death, falling in love and a missing pacemaker. Sebastian wakes up with a hangover and discovers he’s handcuffed to a coffin. Alice is a polyamorous octogenarian who lives in a care home. Dave is a mortuary attendant with an unusual hobby. Bollock has his issues.

***** ‘The fastest roller-coaster ride of storytelling’ Do50, British Columbia.

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Five Years

A man in glasses and a black and white striped top.

Friday 1 November
7pm - 8pm
£10 / £5 concession, £30 Party of four
Suitable for ages 16+
Relaxed performance, BSL Interpreted

From 1998 - 2002, poet/performer Neal Pike attended Foxwood, a special educational needs school in Nottinghamshire. His introspective show is a return to his school days, a collection of stories that have, until now, been held privately. Five Years is about trying to hold on to a sense of who you are during those messy, brutal and mundane years of adolescence. With warmth and humour that cuts to the bone, Neal explores identity, community and the parts of him that were shaped by his adolescence.

For more information about what Neal's performance involves please follow the link: Pre-Show Information

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Enter the Dragons

A woman dressed in gold with gold wings and a gold disco ball headpiece.

Friday 8 November
7pm - 8pm
Pay what you Think
Suitable for ages 14+


A&E Comedy present a hilarious, surreal odyssey that explodes the myths about getting older. Gripped with fear at her advancing years, our hero sets off on an epic quest to defeat Chronos, the god of time, and halt the inevitable. Will she succeed?


Expect fantastical characters, ridiculous puppetry, extreme wigs, physical comedy and delightfully dark humour. Sixty minutes of laugh-out-loud joy, dissent and touching humility for anyone who is considering ageing.

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A Self Help Guide to Being in Love with Jeremy Corbyn

An illustration of Jeremy Corbyn giving a thumbs up, surrounded by hearts.

Friday 15 November
7pm - 8pm (Sold Out!)
9pm - 10pm
£10 / £5 Concessions, £30 Party of four
Suitable for ages 16+


BBC Slam Champion Jess Green, in association with Discerning Nights, presents her hit Edinburgh Fringe show to her home turf.

When Jess joined the Labour Party at university in 2007, she doubled the number of members who met weekly in the Liverpool Philharmonic pub.

Now, after a decade of keeping her membership card firmly at the back of her wallet, she’s fallen head over heels in love with Jeremy Corbyn and his raw socialist magnetism. If only everyone else agreed...

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Pepper and Honey

A women in a kitchen fills a baking tray with cup cake paper cups

Sunday 17 November
7pm - 8:15pm
£10 / £5 Concessions
Captioned by Difference Engine
Suitable for ages 14+


This moving and thought-provoking story is framed within the warm, fun and inclusive atmosphere of a baking workshop, timed to perfection in order to deliver a perfect Croatian pepper biscuit, baked live in front of (and with the help of) the audience.

A poignant, subtle and timely play about the journey of change, cultural differences, trying not to feel like a foreigner in your adopted country and the conflict between upholding the traditions of the ‘old country’ and embracing those of the new.

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Entanglement! An Entropic Tale

A woman in a clear plastic bubble touches hands with another person outside the bubble.

Infinite Opera
Friday 22 November
7pm - 9:30pm
£10 / free for UoL Students

The Romeo & Juliet of particle physics! This cosmic opera describes the mysteries of our universe with a distinctive sense of humour, exploring life and death, creation and destruction, and the importance of living life in the present.

Deeply connected, Electron and Positron long to touch… but doing so would mean their annihilation. With pre-show talk and post-show Q&A.

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Cinema Para-Discount

AAC logo.jpg

Sunday 24 November
7pm - 10pm
Suitable for ages 18+

Title to be announced.

Join us again for a film night like no other, where Leicester’s most creative performance artists are given the chance to create an interactive screening that celebrates and enhances a film of their choice.

A mixture of mass audience interaction, costumes and props, performance and special effects will create a unique cinematic experience.

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Fallen Fruit

A women dancing in front of childrens wooden blocks. She's holding blocks which spell the word Riot.

Two Destination Language
Friday 29 November
7pm - 8:10pm
£10 / £5 Concessions, £30 Party of four
Suitable for ages 14+

As we mark 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and approach another turning point in European history, this new show places itself between East and West, here and there, the UK and the rest of Europe.

A migrant takes us back to Berlin in 1989 and remembers a childhood under communism. Told with engaging charm, humour and remarkable truth, Fallen Fruit invites you to hear the stories of those affected by momentous change.

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Making our Mark

AAC logo.jpg

Sunday 1 December
7pm - 9:30pm
Pay what you think
Suitable for ages 16+

An evening of scratch performances by regional disabled and non-disabled artists. New and revisited work will be showcased including a research and development piece, Side by Side created by Meander Theatre, exploring how we make, break and keep friendships in our adult lives.

Unanima Theatre will present a section of their new piece States of Independence and a quartet of acclaimed East Midlands poets Milla Tebbs, Maresa MacKeith, Chris McLoughlin and Jim Hall will perform a selection of new and familiar poems.

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Loop Poster. A woman sat on a baked bean can listening to headphones.

Theatre in Black
Thursday 5 December
2:30pm - 3:30pm
7pm - 8pm
£10 / £5 Concessions, £30 Party of four
Suitable for ages 8+

Has anybody seen Ali?

Ali is alone and she has been for a long time, but she isn’t lonely, she’s fine.

She doesn’t know where she is, but honestly, she’s fine.

She has a microphone, loop station and is content filling time with roleplays and soundscapes all created from her own memories and voice. She’s fine. But she still talks to ‘Kitty’…

Loop is warm, playful and honest, and will give you the chance to reflect on your own personal experience of loneliness as well as Ali’s.

Produced by Theatre in Black in association with Carbon Theatre.

Supported by Arts Council England, ARC Stockton, The Core at Corby Cube, Talking Birds' Nest Residency, New Perspectives, and The Travers Foundation.

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Theatre of the Opressed

AAC logo.jpg

Friday 6 December
4pm - 5pm
Developed for ages 16+, younger audience members welcome with parental supervision

Pay what you Feel

Strange goings on in a café. This performance is the culmination of a series of ten theatre workshops facilitated by poet John Berkavitch, who worked with mental health service users to develop this experimental show.

We will listen in to conversations in a café and find out what’s going on…

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One Night of Dread

A man lit in red light removes a block from a Jenga tower.

Smoking Guns Theatre
Friday 24 January
7pm - 8:10pm
£10 / £5 Concessions, £30 Party of four
Suitable for ages 12+

In this collaborative storytelling adventure through the horror genre, you will make decisions that will affect the narrative as the audience work to solve a mystery.

Our narrators will create an immersive adventure, developing a fully populated world, dictated by the rules of famous roleplaying games and modern open world video games. Will you survive the story?

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