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One Night of Dread

A man lit in red light removes a block from a Jenga tower.

Smoking Guns Theatre
Friday 24 January
7pm - 8:10pm
£10 / £5 Concessions, £30 Party of four
Suitable for ages 12+

In this collaborative storytelling adventure through the horror genre, you will make decisions that will affect the narrative as the audience work to solve a mystery.

Our narrators will create an immersive adventure, developing a fully populated world, dictated by the rules of famous role playing games and modern open world video games. Will you survive the story?

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Moonbeam on a Cat's Ear

Jabuti TheatreTwo dancers horizontally back to back.
Sunday 26 January
1pm - 1:45pm and 3pm - 3:45pm
£5, £15 Family of Four
Suitable for ages 3 and above

Based on the book by author and illustrator Marie-Louise Gay, this visual adventure features puppetry, movement, and music. In the middle of the night Rosie, Toby Toby, the cat and the mouse sneak out to play in the shadow of the apple tree. When Toby steals the moon from the sky they go on an adventure across the stars and the sea. But, was it all just a dream?

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Ish (Work in Progress)

Georgie Jones
Attenborough Arts Centre logo

Friday 31 January
7pm - 8pm
Pay what you think
Suitable for ages 13+

Georgie Jones is 26 and has finally cracked what it means to be a woman. Just kidding. She’s haphazardly stumbling through adulthood trying to figure out the things she should know by now. Things like what shape your eyebrows should be and how long heartbreak lasts and whether putting a tampon in can kill you.
In this debut hour, Georgie sets spoken word, stand up and storytelling to a soundtrack of nostalgic 90’s bangers in celebration of the simultaneously grotesque and glorious experience that is growing up.


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Common Salt

Sheila and Sue standing with their hands below the face.

Sheila Ghelani and Sue Palmer
Friday 6 March
4pm and 7pm
£10 / £5 concessions / £30 Family of four
Suitable for ages 14+

Common Salt is a performance around a table – a ‘show and tell’. It explores the colonial, geographical history of England and India taking an expansive and emotional time-travel, from the first Enclosure Act and the start of the East India Company in the 1600s, to 21st century narratives of trade, race and culture.

Sue and Sheila activate insights into our shared past, laying out a ‘home museum’ of objects and stories; of the Great Hedge of India, of borders, and collections – all accompanied by original Shruti box laments.

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Jo Tyabji overlooking a field of greenery and blue skies with a british flag.

Jo Tyabji
Friday 13 March
7pm – 8pm
£10 / £5 concessions / £30 Family of four

Motherland is a visceral full bodied dragged up howl of a show exploring nationalism, identity and our ability to speak out.

Some people say it’s about British values. Some people say it’s not about intolerance, it’s about not tolerating intolerance. Some people say they don’t mind change but it’s happening too fast. And what do you say? In an era of India Rising and people Taking Back Britain, this is a show that asks: who are you, first?

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