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  • black and white image of man screaming next to woman looking shocked
  • LaPelle's Factory in association with LittleMighty presents

  • The Black Cat

  • Thursday 16 November, 7pm . Pay what you think . 1 hour (16+ years)
  • (Part of Literary Leicester 2017)
  • A renegade retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s twisted tale. Two performers dismember the process of adaptation by reimagining this macabre classic with the cheekiest of glints in their eyes.  Together they take merciless liberties with the absent writer's words – like a madman taking out a furious rage on a helpless pet. Suspended between the hilarious and the horrific, this show revels in the darkness that hides just under the surface. It’s all gravely good fun, but be warned: it will get catty. Meow.
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  • two women facing each other using sign language
  • The DH Ensemble present

  • People of the Eye

  • Saturday 18 November, 7.30pm. £10 / £8. 1 hour (12+ years)
  • “Of course, you shouldn’t use ‘sign language’.”
  • Inspired by real events, this personal story follows a family finding their way through unfamiliar territory. A story about parents, sisters, and the complex love that binds families together.  Using a mix of video projections, sound, live performance, and creative accessibility, People of the Eye explores memories, feelings of isolation, and finding the joy in difference.
  • The Deaf & Hearing (DH) Ensemble is a group of professional D/deaf and hearing artists and all-round lovely people. They have worked with companies including the Royal Shakespeare Studio, The Roundhouse, the Yard Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre, Northern Stage, and the Barbican.
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  • someone lighting a dynamite
  • A Ship of Fools Theatre Company presents

  • Welcome to Paradise

  • Friday 8 December, 7.30pm . Pay what you think. 1 hour (14+ years)
  • Strap in for the Captain and Raoul’s hilarious, playful, anarchic, bouffon-clown rollercoaster ride to the darkest corners of Santa’s grotto which reveals the putrid mould under the tree.
  • Ship of Fools bring their unique brand of theatre to the Attenborough Arts Centre for one night only. Expect danger, hilarity and horror in equal measure as they tap-dance back and forth over the lines of decency.
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  • room of people doing yoga
  • Naomh Cullen presents

  • I farted in Shavasana

  • Friday 26 January, 7pm. £6 / £5. 1 hour (12+ years)
  • (Part of DeStress Fest)
  • This performance is an audience interactive piece in the form of a yoga class, whilst discussing anxiety and embarrassing stories.
  • Naomh Cullen is attempting to cure her mental and physical ailments through any means necessary (apart from medicine or any real change in diet or lifestyle). Join her for a short easy breezy yoga class where she makes you feel better about any embarrassing story you have about yourself.
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  • person dressed up like charlie chaplin
  • Kirsty Mealing presents

  • Cat Got My Tongue (I Hope It Comes Back)

  • Sunday 28 January, 7pm . £6 / £5. 1 hour (all ages welcome)
  • (Part of DeStress Fest)
  • A semi-autobiographical love story between a body and her elusive voice separated by Social Anxiety. Finding herself lost for words in a busy bar, a woman steps into very large shoes to get them back.
  • The piece is an almost entirely wordless abstract representation of Mealing’s own experience with Generalised and Social Anxiety Disorder. The show features clowning inspired by the work of vaudeville and silent movie actors, with a not-particularly-discreet or unbiased favour towards Chaplin’s Tramp character. This piece was created in the hope of humanising mental health and empowering those who may sometimes feel overwhelmed by it (or particularly frustrated by the head-clutching images that often represent it). But really it’s not solely about mental health: it really is a little love story between a girl and her voice.
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