Theatre for a fiver


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  • Haus of Yosef: Dirty Rebirth

  • Friday 22 June. 7.30pm - 8.30pm. 16+
  • £5 or family of four £15
  • An experimental, misinformed and possibly damaging journey into the nature of mental illness. Dirty Rebirth was born from a very simple need for help and a very desperate lack of it. Taking matters into its own hands, this autobiographical macabre cabaret is a stumbling, distressing, hilarious and often heart-breaking exploration of how loudly someone can cry for help and what to do when nobody answers.
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  • The Thelmas and Ovalhouse: Coconut

  • Saturday 30 June. 7pm - 8.30pm
  • £5 or family of four £15. Ages 14+
  • Meet Rumi, a British Pakistani woman who's referred to as a 'Coconut' (brown on the outside, white on the inside). Born and brought up as a Muslim, Rumi spends more time enjoying fine wine and bacon than being at the mosque. When she meets Simon, a white guy, she hopes that his decision to convert to Islam will be enough to keep everyone happy. However, as Simon begins to explore his faith, Rumi's world spins off its axis in ways she could never have predicted.
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  • Cinema Para-Discount

  • Thursday 5 July. 7pm - 10.30pm
  • £5 or family of four £15. Ages 18+
  • In this film night like no other, artists are given the chance to create an interactive screening that celebrates and enhances their favourite. Using a mixture of mass audience interaction, costumes and props, performance and lighting, our artists will create a unique cinematic experience youíll never forget.
  • Each event will be themed, whether it's a summer blockbuster or a Hammer Horror, each event is bound to offer a special (and possibly chaotic) tribute to cult cinematic masterpieces.
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