Sculpture and Craft



Weekend Courses



Paper marbling

VA Marbling paper art course.jpg

Saturday 15 September, 11am – 2pm
£22 / £15

Tutor: Gulizar Subay

Experiment with marbling art and learn how to use a variety of materials and techniques.

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Make your own tea set

A man holding a mug with a lady sat opposite him

Saturday and Sunday, 10am – 4pm
21 – 22 September
£80 full price / £45 concession for 2 sessions

Tutor: Dee Barnes

Learn simple techniques such as slab building, coiling and press moulding to make your very own functional teapot with matching cups. Some experience with clay is beneficial.

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Celebration Ceramics

A wonderful vase shaped teapot

Saturday – Sunday, 10am – 4pm
19 – 20 October
£50 full price / £35 concession for 2 sessions

Tutor: Dee Barnes

Whether it’s coiled, slabbed or made in a mould, Dee will guide you through all the necessary techniques which will allow you to make a commemorative piece for someone special in your life.

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Weekday Courses



Experiments in Sculpture

A lady Sculpting a pair of hands

Mondays, 6:30pm – 9pm
30 September – 9 December (except 14 October)
Thursdays, 6:30pm – 9pm
3 October – 12 December (except 17 October)
£105 full price / £60 concession for 10 sessions

Tutor: Austin Orwin

Develop ideas and experiment with form, initially through drawing and maquette making, before scaling up to create a finished sculptural piece through an ambitious approach to object making.

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Silver and Copper Jewellery

Some silver and copper rings

Mondays, 6:30pm – 9pm
30 September – 11 November (except 14 October)
£83 / £53 concession for 6 sessions

Tutor: Samantha Robinson

Be inspired to design and make jewellery using silversmithing techniques including soldering, piercing, drilling, doming and oxidising metal. Experiment with textures and mixing metals to create your own beautiful jewellery.

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Christmas Wreath Making

A Christmas wreath

Monday 25 November
Monday 2 December
6pm – 9pm, £18 per session

Tutor: Jasia McArdle

Create a unique festive wreath using natural materials and traditional techniques with a contemporary twist.

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Introduction to Fused Glass

Some fused glass coasters, many colours

Tuesday 8 October
10:30am – 12:30pm
£19 full price / £12 for 1 session

Tutor: Katherine Wilson

A 2 hour introduction to the world of glass fusing. Katherine with work with you to make a tile, coaster or dish using a range of accessory glass.

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Pottery for All

Pottery taster course - hands covered in clay

Tuesdays, 1:30pm – 4pm
22 October – 17 December
£95 full price / £50 concession for 9 sessions

Tutor: Dee Barnes

A perfect class for beginners for those who have had some experience with clay. Each week you will learn pinch, slab and coiling techniques.

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Fused Glass Discovery

A fused glass bowl, red and transparent

Tuesdays, 10am – 12pm
12 November – 17 December
£85 full price / £50 concession for 6 sessions

Tutor: Katherine Wilson

A 6-week course to learn and explore the techniques of glass fusing and to create pieces for you and your home. Suitable for people new to craft, or those who have completed a previous course and want to develop their skills.

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Sculptural Ceramics

A truly original sculpture of a boat with many faces

Thursdays, 10am – 12:30pm
3 October – 12 December (except 17 October)
£105 / £60 for 10 sessions

Tutor: Austin Orwin

Work in a variety of sculptural techniques with a range of clays. Considering form, space, shadow, balance and surface. Learn in a very supportive environment.

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Beginners Silver Jewellery

A silver bracelet

Fridays, 1pm – 3:30pm
11 October – 13 December (except 25 October/ 1 November)
£115 full price / £70 concession for 8 sessions

Tutor: Kate Bajic

Be introduced to practical metalworking skills to create your own silver jewellery designs, receiving help and guidance from a professional jeweller. Beginners and improvers welcome.

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Improvers Silver Jewellery

A silver bowl

Fridays, 10am – 12:30pm
11 October – 13 November (except 25 October/1 November)
£115 full price / £70 concession for 8 sessions

Tutor: Kate Bajic

Develop your existing silver jewellery metal work skills and learn new ones from a professional jeweller. You are encouraged to create your own wearable designs in silver and copper.

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