DeStress Festival

During the first three months of the new year we will host exhibitions, performances, film, workshops and conference on the themes of mental health, neurodiversity, body image and stress alleviation. The DeStress Festival brings to you a sensitive exploration of the relationship between mind, body and art through displays, interactions and discussions.

Our programme will offer you insight, a chance to express yourself and find some rest. As we all grow more comfortable and confident in talking about mental health, the DeStress Festival delicately opens this conversation into an accessible experience, allowing you to have your voice heard even if you say nothing. The DeStress Festival is developed by G Sian, our Associate Director, and is inspired by the wish to connect diverse people in a purposeful, shared cultural moment.

We trust the DeStress Festival will give you some relief. Look out for full details in the DeStress Festival brochure and online.


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  • Goodbye stress, hello laughter (Part of DeStress Festival)

  • Thursdays, 11 January – 22 March (except 15 February), 6pm – 8pm
  • £103 / £53 for 10 sessions. 
    TUTOR: Kirsty Munro

  • Laugh your troubles away in this destressing, uplifting, fun-filled course. Learn rehearsal exercises, performance skills and relaxation techniques as you giggle those blues away.
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  • Beginners yoga (Part of DeStress Festival)

  • £22 for 5 sessions. TUTOR: Kim Woods
  • Learn the fundamentals of Yoga, an ancient practice with origins stretching back thousands of years. Over 5 days participants will be introduced to breathing exercises and basic poses, preparing you to embark on more experienced classes or start your own home practice.
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  • Finding your voice (Part of DeStress Festival)

  • £66 / £41 for 2 sessions. TUTOR: Mel Drake
  • An opportunity to research and develop the possibilities of the voice and therefore the self. Discovering and researching the far-reaching qualities, emotions and expression held within the voice.
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