Painting and Drawing

Weekend Courses




Life Drawing: Masterclass

Woman looking at easel

Saturday 21 March
10am – 4pm
£45 full price / £25 concession

Tutor: Scott Bridgwood

For those who want to take their skills  to the next level. Push the boundaries of life drawing to produce expressive works of art.


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Portraits in oils: Masterclass

Woman painting a canvas

Saturday 14 March and Sunday 22 March
10am – 4pm
£80 / £50 for 2 sessions

Tutor: Jane French

This intensive portrait workshop will enable students to develop their skills in observational drawing and oil painting from a live model. Over the two days you will gain a greater understanding of tone, colour, paint handling and composition. The workshop is aimed at intermediate and advanced learners and will include plenty of one-to-one tuition.

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Weekday Courses




Adventures in art

AAC logo.jpg

Every Tuesday, 10am – 12pm 
£8.50 / £4.50 per drop-in session

A broad course based on the theme of natural items, designed for those who wish to find ways into art.

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Independent life drawing

A man in blue painted by scott bridgewood

Every Wednesday, 6pm – 8pm
£8.50 / £4.50 per drop-in session

Tutor: Jeremy Webster

Drop-in whenever it suits you to practice your life drawing in a supportive environment. Booking advised to avoid disappointment. Please note only newsprint is provided and you will be required to bring your own drawing materials.

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Investigating Drawing

Black and white collagraph

Tuesdays, 6.30pm – 9pm
14 January – 4 February
£45 / £28 for 4 sessions

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Tuesdays, 6.30pm – 9pm
17 March – 31 March
£34 / £22 for 3 sessions

Tutor: Steph Knowles

For the curious, the adventurous, the out of practice and those who simply want more drawing in their lives. Broaden your approach to drawing through experiment and sheer inventiveness.

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Portrait drawing and oil paintingWoman painting a canvas

Mondays, 10am – 1pm
20 January – 30 March (except 17 February)

£130 / £80 concession. (10 sessions)

Tutor: Jane French

Learn skills of proportion, gesture, tone, colour and mark making for drawing and painting. Throughout this course Jane will help you explore and develop your understanding of working across mediums to achieve a final piece.

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Painting problems: Into the woods

A picture of Jenny Grevatte

Wednesdays, 10am – 1pm
22 January – 25 March (except 19 February)
£130 / £80 for 9 sessions

Tutor: Jenny Gravatte

A course for the experienced artist and anyone who is happy to take risks to experiment. Jenny will help you develop analytical and observational skills whilst building your familiarity with the subject of woods and trees, using mixed media methods of painting

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Inspired by words and music

Inspired by words and music

22 January – 1 April (except 19 February)
£130 / £80 for 10 sessions

Tutor: Peter Clayton

Learn to create expressive, abstract,  and representational pictures in a variety of media, taking inspiration from text  and music.

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Problem & Criticism

A bright landscape painting

Thursdays (fortnightly), 11am – 12.30pm
23 January – 2 April (group 1)
30 January – 2 April (group 2)
£55 / £30 for 6 sessions

Tutor: Diane Hall

Join other artists to develop your critical skills and become more confident in your ability. These friendly, supportive classes are devoted entirely to discussion and criticism of work done at home.

The six sessions are based around specific creative problems set by the tutor. You will be required to work outside of the class using your own materials.

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Oil Painting- beginners and improvers

Jane french with a student, an easel and a painting

Thursdays, 1.30pm – 4pm
23 January – 2 April (except 20 February)
£130 / £80 for 10 sessions

Tutor: Jane French

Develop your skills in oil painting with different weekly challenges and gain confidence in selecting compositions, depicting colours and tackling a variety of different subject areas.

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Life Drawing: Course

A man in blue painted by scott bridgewood

Fridays, 2pm – 4:30pm
24 January – 27 March (except 21 February)
£130 / £70 for 9 sessions

Tutor: Scott Bridgwood

Express yourself through a variety of different techniques to draw the human figure.

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Botanical drawing and painting

A large bright image of a floral piece. lush greens and yellows

Fridays, 10am – 1pm
24 January – 27 March (except 21 February)
£110 / £70 for 9 sessions

Tutor: Georgia Danvers

Capture the delicate beauty of nature. Learn how to observe, draw and paint the complex and captivating structures of all plants, flowers, leaves, fruits or vegetables. Learn at your own pace and discover skills you never knew you had.

This course is suitable for anyone hoping to achieve drawing and watercolour techniques. For those wishing to combine their love of nature with art.

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Captured on canvas

Canvas on a wall in a room with a chair and flowers.

Mondays, 6pm – 9pm
24 February – 30 March
£85 / £55 for 6 sessions

Tutor: Jemisha Maadhavji

A step by step exploration of the techniques and principles of oil painting. You will learn about everything, from prepping your canvas, colour theory, and the study of facial structure, culminating in the creation of a portrait using oil paints.

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Islamic illumination

Intricate islamic design with blue

Wednesday 22 April, 11.30am – 2.30pm
£18 / £12 for 1 session

Tutor: Shazia Osman

This workshop will introduce learners to the world of Islamic illumination. Begin with constructing and transferring a pattern to watercolour paper, then painting it with gouache, using traditional techniques, and learning about the history of these beautiful and intricate designs.

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