• child playing with a vinyl record
  • Children’s ‘Let’s Play Vinyl’ workshop

  • Tuesday 17 October 2017, 12pm & 2pm. 1 Hour
  • FREE, 4 - 13 years
  • For children, young people and families, activities will include a workshop aimed at developing kids understanding of vinyl records through art and tactile experiences. Participants will get to operate a 60s Dansette record player and play a record, exposing them to actual physical music; the interactive experience of holding a record in your hands and playing vinyl on a turntable. The workshop will also include a crafts activity sparking children’s creative imagination to design and create colourful decorations using vinyl records that will be displayed in the main exhibition.
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  • Attenborough Arts Centre logo
  • Art in focus: anthropomorphic objects

  • Saturday 11 November, 10am – 3pm
  • £21 / £13.50. TUTOR: Miriam Gill
  • Inspired by the AAC’s major exhibition of Laura Swanson’s art, this workshop traces the presence of anthropomorphic objects in art, from Medieval Art to Surrealism.
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  • batik collage self portrait - colourful batik image
  • Batik collaged self-portraits

  • Saturday 11 November, 10am – 3.30pm
  • £41 / £23. TUTOR: Andrew Wynne
  • Inspired by the Laura Swanson exhibition, participants will use exciting combinations of collage and batik processes to create imaginative self-portraits.
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