Two students smiling at Freshers

Contact Marianne Pape, Education and Outreach Officer on mp422@le.ac.uk with your CV and a short paragraph explaining your interest in volunteering at Attenborough Arts Centre.

'Volunteering at Attenborough Arts Centre has given me a valuable experience in a creative working environment. I have no doubt it will help me in the future as it has allowed me to gain a further understanding of the type of career I would like to get in to. It have met great people, have fun and learn lots!' - Verity Bartesch, Arts Management and Drama graduate, De Montfort University

'I am a third year Arts Management student at DeMontfort University, and as an element of my degree I spent three weeks working with the marketing team at Attenborough Arts Centre. The team were very welcoming and put together an excellent programme of work for my time there which was relevant both for my degree and personal interests.
I would recommend volunteering at Attenborough Arts Centre to anybody, whether you are looking for experience in the sector, or simply wanting to contribute to the community. The centre provides an excellent and varied programme of work, which was fantastic to be involved with.’- Amy Bowyer, Arts Management and Drama graduate, De Montfort University

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