Gallery 1

  • woman wearing a character face mask
  • hands coming out of a rock
  • person wearing yellow cardigan with a star wars mask eating dinner
  • lady holding round weights
  • lady sitting in a bath with bubbles on her face
  • person sleeping on a shelf in a cupboard
  • man wearing female character face mask

Attenborough Arts Centre will be developing a stimulating visual arts programme. The new, socially engaged exhibition and events programme will have a positive impact in the promotion and research of disability culture. Our visual arts programme will focus on art that is relevant, engaging and accessible, critical and progressive. Our exhibitions will have a social motivation exploring the changing role of contemporary art, its local and global relevance; supporting practical, aesthetic, and poetic new approaches to our society, our environment and our place within the two.

Attenborough Arts Centre is part of the University of Leicester’s Division of External Relations. Our new exhibition programme will significantly contribute to the University’s strategic research goals and wider public engagement. It will specifically explore issues of human identity and inter-cultural interactions, promote inter-discipline, attract high-calibre collaborators, and encourage new imaginative approaches that culminate in exhibition projects.


  • image on a girl with a face mask
  • Laura Swanson

  • Saturday 9 September – Sunday 10 December
  • Exhibition opening Friday 8 September, 5.30pm - 8pm
  • Laura Swanson: American photographer Laura Swanson makes her UK debut. Swanson explores the expectations of portraiture, the complications of representing and looking at different bodies, and how the cultural dominance of the selfie is shaping new perceptions of identity.

  • First UK solo exhibition by American artist Laura Swanson. Gallery 1 present brand new, especially commissioned work by Laura Swanson: the photographic series, Beauty and Recluse, alongside recent work from her mixed-media series Uniforms (2015) and pieces from various past projects. Swanson explores the behaviour of looking at physical difference, working across media including drawing, installation, photography, and sculpture. In much of her work, the artist theatrically conceals her face or short statured body to question the expectations of portraiture, examine the motive to look at different bodies, and to reveal the performative nature of identity.

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