Destress Fest

Honest explorations of art, mental health and wellbeing. During the first three months of the 2018 we will host exhibitions, performances and workshops on the themes of mental health, neurodiversity, body image and stress alleviation. Expect valuable insights into our minds through visual representations of psychosomatic conditions, performances exploring identity and anxiety, comedy shows about lack of sleep, or why not discover what you can express in our Creative Learning workshops. As we all grow more comfortable and confident in talking about mental health and wellbeing, DeStress Festival opens up these conversations and experiences further, allowing you to have your voice heard even if you say nothing. Follow and be part of the conversation by using #DeStressFestival


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  • All Brains are the Same Colour

  • Saturday 10 February – Sunday 4 March
  • Midlands based artists Sefania Laccu, Grace Johnson, Emma Bullo Taylor, Jas Singh, Jose Manuel Gonzalez Inglesias, and Chorzepa and Gesvicuite respond to themes of body image, identity, brain damage, OCD and psychosomatic illnesses using installation, painting, and sculpture.
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  • Denise Weston: Women of a Nervous Disposition

  • Friday 2 February – Wednesday 28 March
  • Nottingham based artist Denise Weston produces large scale portraits of women throughout history and fiction who were linked to the perception of ‘madness’.
  • The artist’s interest in literature and film have been major influences in the creation of this series of work along with examining conceptions of female iconography, representation and identity.


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  • Fitter Happier OKNOTOK

  • Friday 9 – Wednesday 28 March
  • Taken from Radiohead’s critically acclaimed album OK Computer, Fitter Happier can be read as a list of commitments. In this interactive installation filled with the iconic album artwork, we invite visitors to add to their own commitments to the lyrics which will play alongside the original track.
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  • Emma Fay: Portraits of the Mind

  • Friday 9 – Wednesday 28 March
  • Fay invites you to look at your own worldview and question how we perceive the mental form in a series of body artworks and adornments exploring mind sets and mental attitudes.


Gallery Lates

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  • Stay after hours at our gallery

  • Join us in the gallery for a series of after-hours performances that explore our world, bodies and mind through movement, music, and spoken word.


  • two people laying on the floor
  • L Y N N B E C E: Epicene

  • Tuesday 13 February, 7 – 8pm

  • Pay What You Think
  • The word epicene is used to describe having characteristics of both sexes, or of neither.
  • Using movement, poetry and projection, the show Epicene is a playful and earnest ongoing search to accept the joy of a body in all its parts.
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  • women holding a pineapple.jpg
  • Whatsthebigmistery: Tropical Awkward Bastard

  • Tuesday 20 February, 7 – 8pm

  • Pay What You Think
  • A pineapple, bunch of bananas, tropical juice carton, and a tutu. Welcome to A Bold Rant on being misrepresented in the world while ticking all the right boxes. What happens when we create new language and new classifications?
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  • ladies hand holding a blue stone.jpg
  • Danni Spooner: Alienate

  • Tuesday 27 February, 7 – 8pm

  • Pay What You Think
  • A dancer and a musician investigate what it means to be a digital native in a world that separates nature and technology. Using projection, movement and sound, Alienate journeys through its own universe that binds natural elements and digital culture.
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  • The Inhabited Sky: In Search of the Long Now

  • Thursday 1 March, 6 – 10pm. (Durational, drop in)

  • Pay What You Think
  • Lie back, relax and bathe in the experiential work of The Inhabited Sky. Using loops, ipads, guitars and drums, musicians will improvise across the recorded words of poet, writer and performer, Alison Dunne. Tap into the collective imagination, think and be in the moment. Drop in and stay as long as you like.
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