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Attenborough Arts Centre offers a stimulating visual arts programme of new, socially engaged exhibitions and events that have a positive impact in the promotion and research of disability culture. Our visual arts programme will focus on art that is relevant, engaging and accessible, critical and progressive. Our exhibitions will have a social motivation exploring the changing role of contemporary art, its local and global relevance; supporting practical, aesthetic, and poetic new approaches to our society, our environment and our place within the two.

Exhibit your work in the Balcony Gallery at Attenborough Arts CentreThe Balcony Gallery sits on the first floor of Attenborough Arts Centre and is a key feature for visitors as it connects our art studios and offices to the bustling Attenborough Café, Diana Princess of Wales Hall, Front of House and new galleries. Local artists and groups can hire the gallery for a minimum of two weeks. Find out more information here.

Attenborough Arts Centre is part of the University of Leicester’s Division of External Relations and our exhibition programme significantly contributes to the University’s strategic research goals and wider public engagement. It specifically aims to explore issues of human identity and inter-cultural interactions, promote inter-discipline, attract high-calibre collaborators and encourage new imaginative approaches that culminate in exhibition projects.


January - March

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  • Juan delGado: Altered Landscapes

  • Saturday 6 January - Sunday 25 February
  • Altered Landscapes asks you to navigate, reflect and absorb the experiences and stories of refugees. For this exhibition, delGado travelled to Greece, Macedonia and Calais to film, photograph and record the journeys taken by Syrian refugees. delGado has not filmed these ‘invisible’ people who proliferate our media, but the places they have passed through. There are traces of their existence, fragmented experiences, fleeting moments and marks left on the land as they pass through to find safety.
  • Using video, photography, light and sound, Altered Landscapes encourages you to open up contemplation and discussion about the current situation in Europe, a place that has become filled with militarised border control.
  • “delGado’s film and exhibition offers a deeply personal account and heartfelt insight of what it is like to flee your home country amidst a war in search of an alternative.”  Pearl Findlay, Disability Arts Online
  • Juan delGado has been awarded an INSIDE commission from New Art Exchange and DASH. INSIDE is a Disability Arts commissioning programme led by DASH with funding from Arts Council England.
    Altered Landscapes is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and by the Spanish Embassy Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs in London.
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  • Unlocking the World Through Art: A Sensory Atelier

  • Wednesday 10 January – Monday 29 January
  • Come on a journey to see our Sensory Ateliers and experience a unique installation of work created by students of two Special Educational Needs schools, Ashmount School and Ellesmere College.
  • Local, regional and international artists have been involved with the students including Bamboozle Theatre, TETRAD and Turned on its Head, who have taught the across a number of art forms. This project has been generously supported by the Paul Hamlyn foundation.

Balcony Gallery


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  • Steffie Richards: Ebb and Flow

  • Friday 12 January – Sunday 25 March
  • Imagine if our presence left behind a visible trace when passing through a space. What would that space then look like?
  • Steffie Richards’ new work aims to visualise this and relates to the transient values of coastal Cornwall. She explores the constant yet subtle changes to the environment, both brought and erased by the tides, and asks us to think about our relationship with the magnitude of the ocean itself.

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