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Screen Preview (Press control + f5 to refresh the screen whilst viewing the preview)
Screen 1 Preview screen 1 slideshow
Screen 2 Preview screen 2 slideshow
Screen 3 Preview screen 3 slideshow
Screen 4 Preview screen 4 slideshow

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Things to remember...
  • Each image in the slideshow should be 1140 pixels wide by 820 pixel high
  • Documentation of how to crop/edit images can be found on the webcentre
  • You can set how long each individual slide will play for
  • You can use the preview link to view the slideshow 5 minutes before it appears on your digital signage screen
  • Use Notepad to edit rotator.xml
  • The slideshow will take 5 minutes to update on the digital signage screen. This means the screen will automatically refresh itself every 5 minutes, if your slideshow is longer than 5 minutes contact
  • Templates images for the slides are available on the University's image library, Just search 'for digital signage'