IT Services internal

SDE Queue Co-ordinators

EUS: Darren (x 3345) LTRS: Phil (x5096) ITO AM: Andrew (ext 7748) ITO PM: Andrew (ext 7748) SD: James (ext 4161)


James (ext 4161)

Tara (ext. 4164)

Sarah (ext. 4162)

Karl (ext.4166)

Anam (ext. 4165)

Ross (ext. 4163)


ITO ext:

Rob (ext 2180)
Farrah (ext 7954)
Andrew (ext 7748)
Daz (ext 3345)



Ian Abson (ext 2061)
Marc Bayliss (ext 5067)
Matt Catlow (ext 7638)
Andrew England (ext 5666)
Hardeep Jandu (ext 2026)
Tina McGarvey (ext 5380)
Paul Measom (ext 2557)
Richard Moore (ext 2812)
Vinny Patel (ext 2253)
Miles Storier (ext 3612)
Kevin Turner (ext 5939)



Chris Aylward (ext 5096)
Richard Fairman (ext 5096)
Cliff Oakes (ext 5096)
Manny Patel (ext 5096)
Lee Samuels (ext 3657)
Paul Smith (ext 5672)
Phil White (ext 5096)
Peter Woodforth (ext 2918)

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