David Reeder Prize

The David Reeder Prize in Urban History is awarded annually to the student who, in the opinion of the Board of Examiners, has completed the best MA dissertation on any aspect of urban history in the University of Leicester. The prize has been funded by the friends and colleagues of David Reeder (a former colleague at the Centre for Urban History) in recognition of his lifelong commitment to teaching and research in urban history, and his unfailing encouragement to younger scholars.

2015 Winner 

Sue Billington ‘Slater Street School, Leicester’


Past winners

Katherine Hemingway, An interdisciplinary study of the 2014 conservation of the University of Leicester Engineering Building

Oliver Granath, Gentrification and Conservation in Barnsbury, London, 1957-1973

Boris Horemans, The four crowned martyrs guild in 18th century Mechelen: an explorative inquiry into the nature of building craft guilds in provincial towns of the Southern Low Countries

Timmy Verlaan, ‘Macht kaputt was euch kaputt macht’. The battle of West Berlin's action groups against politicians and private developers, 1960-1980

Tessa Holubowicz, “Take heed near whom ye pray”:  An insight into Pew Renters at the Foundling Chapel, 1796

Tom Hulme, Safe for Democracy: Civic Festivals and the Production of the Citizen in 1920s Chicago and Manchester

Matt Neale, Crime in the household: Domestic servants in the Proceedings of the Old Bailey

Bruno Bonomo, Home and social identities: Middle-class Rome, c.1945-73

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