Sally Hartshorne, MA (2010-2012)

Sally HartshorneI had been out of education for several years when I started my MA in Urban History.  It was quite a daunting prospect to leave behind my work environment where I was confident of my role and return to University where I felt very unconfident on so many levels!  However, there was no need to worry as I found CUH to be a very welcoming and supportive environment in which to learn.  Unlike other mature students I met from other courses, who talked of feelings of isolation and lack of interaction with others, I felt welcome and included by staff and peers alike.  The physical location of the buildings and the extensive efforts by the staff team to encourage group cohesion ensured we all quickly felt part of a ‘CUH Community’.

When I started the course I did not know where it would take me, but I thoroughly enjoyed the journey.  Since completing the MA the skills I have used the most are my research skills as I have been fortunate in being employed on a number of historical research projects.  I had never used archival material before I did my MA and never thought I would ever earn an income doing so!  My time at CUH introduced me to new skills and opportunities which have been invaluable to me in the last few years.

I have now just returned to CUH to embark on a PhD.  It feels understandably daunting but I know I have better IT skills and a good grounding in research that will help me this time -  it feels good to be back.

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