Susan Billington BA MA (2011-2015)

I left school at the age of 16 in 1970 at a time when it was rare for females to go to university. I was privileged to have a successful corporate career and I worked at senior management level until I took early retirement in 2007 at the age of 53. I continued to work as a consultant for a couple of years and I became a governor at a Leicester secondary school. I had the mental desire and I some spare time to address a lifetime ambition of mine and study for a degree. I enrolled in 2011 to do a part-time degree at the Vaughan College for Lifelong Learning, a department of the University of Leicester, and I graduated in 2014 at the age of 60 with a First Class Honours BA in Humanities and Arts.

I had been extremely impressed with the thoroughly enjoyable, and challenging, experience of studying at the University of Leicester for a BA (2011 to 2014) and I wanted it to continue. The impressive David Wilson Library alone was a good enough reason for me to want to stay attached to the university. I enrolled to study for a further one year for a Masters Degree in Urban Conservation at the Centre for Urban History. I achieved a MA with Merit and I was awarded the David Reeder prize for my dissertation which has been published by the University of Leicester on the Manufacturing Pasts website. The whole experience has boosted my confidence enormously. Aside from ensuring my mental faculties were fully utilised the Masters experience was extremely rewarding through the interaction it provided with students from all parts of the globe. The CUH provides for a more personalised mode of study with some amazing lecturers. The research material that is available to students is extensive and I found myself lost in it for many enjoyable months. The intellectual stimulus that the lectures provided through the sheer variety of the subject matter was motivating. I was totally absorbed by the course content and experience and I feel far more able, both in knowledge and confidence, to go on to achieve a further personal ambition and that is to take up a non-executive director role with a local organisation in order to add personal value: related to urban history of course. I would recommend studying at the CUH for individuals of any age who seek to expand their skills and confidence through taking part in a totally stimulating learning experience.

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