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Welcome to Urban History News, produced by the Centre for Urban History, Leicester

We extend an invitation to all who are interested in the history of towns and cities: please send us details of news and announcements, publications, courses and conferences – and we will include these in this monthly gazette.

Contributions are also welcome from students and from organisations or groups who wish to publicise activities associated with urban history. UHNOnline is intended as a European exchange forum but no geographical area is excluded.

Articles for the newsletter and diary are always welcome. Please send these or any other comments by email. (Please send lengthy items as Word or PDF attachments)

Current Newsletter: June 2015



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Newsletter deadlines

The Newsletter is published on or around the 3rd of each month. Please send news items by the 1st of the month to guarantee inclusion. It is not always possible to include articles at short notice and those received after the 1st may be held over until the following month.

While we are happy to list events where English will not be the main language, we would ask that you provide an English version of your notice for inclusion in the newsletter.


To subscribe to UHN send an email marked 'Subscribe UHN' in the subject line; to unsubscribe please send an email marked in the subject line 'Newsletter unsubscribe'.

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