Panel Debate: Big data, New skills

Upcoming SAGE Panel Debate at the 2016 RC33 Conference.

Big data, new skills: How will innovations in research methods and the new data environment impact teaching and research?

Stamford Court Main Hall

What is the panel debate?

Bringing together a panel of academic experts, this event will call upon the panelists to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing research and teaching skills in this new world of big data analytics. In this age of Big Data, new paradigms will be needed not only for research methodology, but also for study design and interpretation, cross-disciplinary collaboration, data curation and dissemination, visualization, replication, and research ethics.

This panel will explore the various ways in which teaching and research methods are being adapted and influenced by the vast number of new data sources and methodological innovations, as well as the changing demands of the field.

  • What impact will the changing data environment have on social research?
  • How are research methods changing because of these influences?
  • What developments are being seen in qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods teaching as a result?

We will explore these topics as we come to debate what the research of the future will look like and what teaching and research skills will be needed to address it.

Who are the panelists?

The expert panelists for the debate will be:

The debate will be chaired by:

When will the debate take place?

The panel will take place between 10:00 AM and 11:30 AM on Tuesday the 13th of September in the main hall of the main RC33 2016 conference venue (Stamford Court, Oadby).

Who can attend the debate?

The panel is only open to those attending the RC33 2016 9th International Conference on Social Science Methodology. Registration is still open. If you want to attend the conference, you can register here.

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