Post-Graduate Research Poster Exhibition

The 2016 RC33 conference will be hosting a poster exhibit for post-graduates during the conference week.

The International Sociological Association (ISA) RC33 committee's 9th International Conference on Social Science Methodology will be hosting an exhibition of research posters in the main conference building (Stamford Court, Oadby).

What is the poster exhibition?

A series of poster-panels will be displayed in Stamford Court during the week of the RC33 conference (12th to 16th September) and used to showcase ongoing or completed post-graduate and early-career research projects. These will be displayed in the main lobby of the conference and/or in a separate room depending on the number of people wishing to display their work.

The 300 (approximately) delegates at the conference will be able to view these posters during their coffee and lunch breaks.

Also, the authors of the displayed posters will have the option to attend Stamford Court during the conference lunch period on Wednesday afternoon (13:00 - 14:00) to discuss their poster with other social scientists attending the conference.

Who can display a poster?

If you are a post-graduate student or early-career researcher then you are welcome to display a poster at the RC33 conference. You do not have to be attending the conference in order to display a poster. So, if you are a social science student at the University of Leicester then this is an excellent additional opportunity to disseminate your research to a wider academic community.

What kinds of posters are suitable?

All posters must pertain to research within a social sciences field. The conference has a methodological focus, so posters which discuss the methodology of the research are likely to garner particular interest. Posters should be A1 sized (either portrait or landscape), although other designs will be considered.

Is there a competition?

There will be an opportunity for posters to be entered into a competition. Posters will be judged during the week based on their ability to communicate the quality of their author's research project in an interesting and compelling way. The winner will be chosen on Friday and the entrants will be contacted via email. There will be a small sponsored prize for the best poster displayed at the conference, along with a certificate, to be sent to the winner. The competition will be judged by a senior academic from the International Sociological Association's RC33 Committee on Logic and Methodology.

How can I arrange to display a poster?

If you wish to display a poster at the conference then you need to contact:

Laurence T. Droy (Organizing committee) at

Please use the subject line: 'RC33 Poster Exhibition'.

In your email you should state:

  • The format of your poster (A1/A2, etc..)
  • Your status (Post Graduate Student, Early Career Researcher, etc..)
  • Whether you are attending the conference (not required)
  • Whether you are available to attend your poster on Wednesday afternoon (preferred but not required)
  • Whether you would like your poster to be entered into the competition (not required)
  • How you intend to deliver your poster to the conference (and collect it again).

Deadline: If you want to display a poster at the conference then you should contact Laurence T. Droy at no later than Tuesday the 6th of September.

How do I deliver my poster to the conference and collect it again?


You can hand your poster in to Laurence T. Droy at the welcome reception of the RC33 conference, at Stamford Court in Oadby (see conference location), on the morning of the 12th (Monday) or the 13th (Tuesday) between 8:00am and 10:30am.

Alternatively you can arrange to have your poster delivered (or dropped off) to:

University of Leicester
University Road

Please ensure that it is clearly labelled with the phrase 'Poster RC33'. The poster must arrive on or before the 8th of September.


You can collect your poster, in person, on Friday afternoon between 14:30–16:30 from Stamford Court.

Alternatively, If you provide us with a protective tube and a delivery address then we can arrange to have your poster mailed back to you after the conference.

Any posters not collected will be stored with the University of Leicester's Department of Sociology office, ready to collect, for a period of one month.

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