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GESIS - Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences

Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences

As the largest German infrastructure institute for the social sciences, GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, with its expertise and services, stands ready to advise researchers at all levels to answer socially relevant questions on the basis of the newest scientific methods, high quality data and research information. GESIS do this with essential research-based services and consulting, covering all levels of the scientific processes. The work of GESIS is characterized by its independence, long-term sustainability, quality and competence.

GESIS is divided in five scientific departments covering with their research based services the whole range of empirical social research.

The research data centres are placed across the departments. Additional to the access to special data, they provide also documentations and context information and give advice based on own research.

Research projects generally go through a process of multiple phases - the research data cycle. Each individual phase of this cycle requires specific know-how to obtain significant results. GESIS offers researchers a unique package of social science services for the various phases of the research data cycle based on own research and expertise to make work more efficient for empirical social researchers and improving the quality of research:

  • Research: GESIS offers information on data, literature, research projects, important institutions and conferences
  • Study planning: GESIS offers consultation and services for planning and conducting a survey
  • Data collection: GESIS offers consultation and services during the data collection phase
  • Data analysis: GESIS offers support, consultation and data for secondary analysis and reference, analyzing tools
  • Archiving and registering: GESIS offers long-term permanent archiving and registration of data and publications
  • Demetra

    Demetra logo

    For decades Demetra has provided and still continues to provide the
    Italian research community with access to world class survey research services.

    Every year we execute more than one hundred CATI surveys, about 80 online
    surveys and 50 mixed mode surveys interviewing more than 100,000 people and

    Our motivation stems from the desire to collect data of the highest quality.

    Demetra has developed a software platform to manage CATI and
    mixed-mode surveys. Among the users of our platform we count several
    universities and research centres.

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