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The Department of Sociology will be the lead department for the RC33 conference.The Department of Sociology at Leicester is one of the most prominent and influential in the country, with over 65 years of experience in the field. Leicester was one of the first departments of sociology to be established in Britain, and has a long and well-respected tradition both in teaching and research. The department achieved 94% overall student satisfaction in the 2014 NSS and the University of Leicester itself is ranked in the top 2% of universities in the THE World University rankings.There are few branches of the discipline in which it has not had some influence.

The Department has a strong methodological stream with Professor John Goodwin, Professor Jason Hughes and Professor Henrietta O’Connor being at the forefront of debates relating to the use of innovative and non-standard research methodologies. Their research includes:

  •  Re-use/restudies/repurposing (Goodwin and O’Connor)
  • Paradata and marginalia (Goodwin and O’Connor)
  • Epistolary forms and biographical methods (Hughes and Goodwin)
  • Internet research methods (O’Connor and Hughes)

 In the last three years Goodwin and Hughes have been commissioned by SAGE, and have produced six major edited works on aspects of research methods:

  •  Biographical Methods (Goodwin)
  • Secondary Analysis (Goodwin)
  • Visual Methods (Hughes)
  • Internet Research Methods (Hughes)
  • Documentary and Archival Research (Hughes and Goodwin)
  • Contemporary Approaches to Ethnographic Research (Goodwin and Hughes).

The methodology strand also includes:

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