Expert Workshops

The 2016 RC33 conference will be hosting a series of methodology workshops.

The 2016 RC33 International Conference on Social Science Methodology will be hosting a series of methodology workshops during the conference week (the 12th to the 16th of September). These workshops will be run by leading experts in their respective fields and will offer an introduction to a particular methodology or methodological issue. They are free to attend for those registered to attend the conference or for post-graduate students at the University of Leicester. Others attendees will be asked to pay a nominal fee of £10 to cover costs.

How can I attend the workshops?

In order to attend the workshops you need to register in advance via our online booking form, which can be found here. This is quick and easy. If you are not eligible to attend the workshop for free, then we will contact you to arrange payment (£10) after your have made your booking.

Where will the workshops be held?

The workshops will be held at the University of Leicester's Oadby conference centres, in in the same location as the conference (see Venue and Accommodation). All workshops will be held in a dedicated workshop room at the conference venue. Further details of the particular room will be published in advance as part of the conference program on this website, and emailed to people who register for the workshops.

Expert workshop program

DayTimeExpert(s)Title of workshopKnowledge/ equipment needed
Monday 12th 11:30- 13:00 Claire Wagner, Barbara Kawulich, Mark Garner How to teach qualitative research methods: An experimental workshop Participants should be teaching qualitative research or embarking on a career as a teacher of qualitative research
Monday 12th 14:00-15:30 Yenn Lee Visual data in digital ethnography Anyone interested in digital ethnography is welcome
Tuesday 13th 11:30- 13:00 Wander van der Vaart Collecting recall data using timelines and life history calendars Ma-students, PhD-students and junior researchers; basic knowledge in survey interviewing
Tuesday 13th 14:00-15:30 Knut Petzold Experimental Designs in Sociology. An Introduction Basic knowledge in empirical research designs (aimed at Phd students)
Tuesday 13th 16:30-18:00 Reiner Keller The Sociology of Knowledge Approach to Discourse Analysis Basic knowledge of sociology BA/MA levels
Wednesday 14th 11:30-13:00 Jörg Blasius Assessing the Quality of Survey Data Basic understanding of scaling techniques such as principal component analysis (Master level in Sociology or other social sciences), everybody is welcome
Wednesday 14th 11:30-13:00
Professor Sir Robert Burgess Exploring ethnography Anyone interested in ethnography is welcome.
Wednesday 14th 14:00-15:30 Vera Toepoel Online Survey Methodology None prior knowledge needed

Wednesday 14th

16:30-18:00 René Tuma Video Analysis Basic Knowledge in qualitative/interpretive Methods
Thursday 15th 11:30-13:00 Edmund Chattoe-Brown An Introduction To Agent-Based Modelling: Evidence-Based Tales of the Unexpected

**If possible, you need to bring your own laptop to this session.**

Thursday 15th 14:00-15:30 Peter Davis Introduction to micro-simulation and its applications in social and health policy modelling None, other than basic computational and quantitative social science literacy/numeracy.
Thursday 15th


Ji-Ping Lin An Implementation of Data Science - Using TIPD as an Example

**If possible, you need to bring your own laptop to this session.**

Some knowledge in digital infrastructure, Windows command line or UNIX BASH shell, programming language (e.g., Pascal/Delphi, C/C++, etc.), script language (SAS, Python, R, etc.), statistics (e.g., categorical data analysis, sampling theory etc.), record matching is also preferable.


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