Session Convenors

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Session Convenor
1 Administrative data: issues on data availability, quality, and measurement Christin Czaplicki and Tatjana Mika
2 Digital Methodologies: Beyond Big & Small Data Mark Carrigan et al
3 Researching Social Processes
Jason Hughes
4 Explaining and predicting measurement error in surveys Barry Schouten and Vera Toepoel
5 Videography and Interpretative Videonanalysis René Tuma
6 Methods of emotion research Antje Kahl and Hubert Knoblauch
7 Process-Oriented Micro-Macro-Analysis: Mixing Methods in Longitudinal Analysis and Historical Sociology Nina Baur et al
8 Emerging Methods for Evaluating Survey Measurement Quality Paul Beatty
9 Measuring social structure in surveys Silke Schneider and Eric Harrison
10 Sampling in qualitative research – Problems during research processes, possible solutions and consequences for intended depth, generalization or quality Leila Akremi
11 Flexible Data Collection Methods and Data Quality in Survey Research Wander van der Vaart
12 Analyzing space and spatial externalities Alexandra Wicht et al
13 Methods for Improving Causal Inference in the Social Sciences Jochen Mayerl and Volker Stocké
14 Social Studies of Reproduction: techniques, methods and reflexive moments Nicky Hudson et al
15 Testing the Behavioral Validity of Survey Experiments Knut Petzold and Volker Lang.
17 Modeling Social Network Dynamics Christoph Stadtfeld and Tom A.B. Snijders
18 Spatial Analysis Nina Baur et al
19 Estimation of  Stochastic Differential Equations with Time Series, Panel and Spatial Data Hermann Singer
20 Paradata, Marginalia and Fieldnotes: Using ‘By-Products’ in Social Research
Henrietta O’Connor and John Goodwin
21 Enhancing the survey process with paradata Marek Fuchs et al

Mixed Methods Research – Epistemological and Methodological Implications

Susanne Vogl et al
23 Recent Developments in Metadata Capture, Discovery and Harmonization in the Social Sciences Jon Johnson and Joachim Wackerow
24 Interdisciplinary Discussion on Visual Methods Yenn Lee
25 Religion and political participation Theoni Stathopoulou and Christof Wolf
26 Gamification of surveys Florian Keusch and Aigul Mavletova
27 Auto/Biographical Methods
Goodwin and O'Connor
28 New data, new quality? Features of data quality in the “data revolution” era Enrica Amaturo and Biagio Aragona
30 Quasi-experimental methods and establishing causality Tom Robinson and Peter Davis
31 Assessing the Quality of Survey Data Jörg Blasius
32 Challenges of Mixed Methods Data Analysis and Interpretation Tobias Gebel et al
33 Current issues in doing ethnographic field work Grit Petschick and Cornelia Thierbach
34 Maximizing Equivalence in Cross-Nation/Cultural Surveys Using the Total Survey Error Paradigm Tom Smith and Peter Marsden
35 New sources of data for survey research: challenges and opportunities Arnaud Wijnants et al
36 Using Photographs, Maps and other Non-Moving Visual Data in Social Research Processes Cornelia Thierbach and Linda Hering
37 Meta-Analysis in Survey Methodology
Michael Bosnjak and Katja Lozar-Manfreda
38 Analysing qualitative longitudinal couple data. A comparative perspective.

Marie Evertsson and Daniela Grunow

39 Methodological Challenges of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses in the Non-Experimental Social Sciences Bernd Weiss
40 Methodologies of sociological discourse research Reiner Keller
42 Cultural response styles Martin Weichbold et al
43 Effects of Response Scale Design in Surveys Kathrin Bogner and Natalja Menold
44 Methods of Social Network Analysis Peter Carrington
45 Developing a Pedagogical Culture for Teaching Research Methods Barbara Kawulich et al
46 Sociological Methodologies for Mental Health and Illness Research Gina Kelly
47 Empirical Studies in Socio-Economic & Development Sector Rabi N Subudhi
48 Monitoring Data Collection in International Settings Ellen Marks
50 Effect of respondents’ age on interviews Susanne Vogl
51 Open Session Eimer Sparham, Katharine Venter and John Goodwin

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