9th International Conference on Social Science Methodology: Gamification of surveys

Session Title: Gamification of surveys

Session Convenor(s):

Florian Keusch (f.keusch@uni-mannheim.de), University of Mannheim, Germany.

Aigul Mavletova (amavletova@hse.ru), National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia.

Session Information:

Reports about declining response rates and increasing satisficing behaviors, such as straightlining and speeding, among respondents in Web surveys have brought researchers to propose the application of gamification strategies to keep respondents engaged in the survey process. The term ‘gamification’ is used for a wide variety of techniques in survey and marketing research. Suggested approaches range from rephrasing questions to sound more game-like to embedding the entire survey experience into a game where respondent avatars adventure through a fantasy land while answering survey questions. So far, only a few studies on the effect of survey gamification on measurement and nonresponse errors have been published. While most studies report a positive effect of using game elements on psychological outcomes among survey respondents (e.g., more fun, higher interest and satisfaction), the influence of these elements on survey behavior outcomes (e.g., completion and break-offs, item omission, satisficing, response distribution), and therefore survey quality, is still rather unclear. With this session, we want to contribute to a better understanding of whether and how gamifying a survey can influence survey data quality. We therefore welcome submissions that provide new empirical evidence on the influence of gamified survey designs.

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