9th International Conference on Social Science Methodology: Analysing qualitative longitudinal couple data. A comparative perspective.

Session Title: Analysing qualitative longitudinal couple data. A comparative perspective.

Session Convenor(s):

Dr. Marie Evertsson (marie.evertsson@sociology.su.se)

Associate professor of Sociology (Docent)
Stockholm University
S-10691 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone +46 8 163191

Prof. Dr. Daniela Grunow (grunow@soz.uni-frankfurt.de)

Professor of Sociology
Department of Social Sciences
Goethe University
Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 6 D-60629
Frankfurt am Main,
GermanyPhone +49 69 798 36535
Fax +49 69 798 763 36645

Session Information:

Qualitative longitudinal interview data on couples have become more widely available in a variety of European countries. Still, the challenges of analysing such data in a systematic way for an international scientific readership have rarely been addressed in the methods literature. On the one hand, these data are extremely rich, as they facilitate in-depth over-time within-couple perspectives as well as in-depth over-time between-couple comparisons. On the other hand, handling these data is a complex task, as single interviews are usually available as separate text files that need to be matched during the analysis by both person ID and couple ID over time. The stories told by the interviewees can vary among couples as well as by gender and it is not always obvious to what extent the couple specific experience or the gendered experience should be given the most weight. In addition, societal institutions vary by country and this adds yet another layer of complexity to the analysis. This session invites papers from applied research based on qualitative (small-n) panel data on couples. The session has two main aims: First, discussing best practice examples of handling the nested data structures in longitudinal analysis. Second, identifying central substantial topics in these data that may be relevant from a comparative point of view. Presentations and abstracts will be in English.

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