Bassel, Leah. The Politics of Listening: Possibilities and Challenges for Democratic Life. Forthcoming with Palgrave Pivot.

Bassel, Leah and Akwugo Emejulu. The Politics of Survival. Minority Women, Activism and Austerity in France and Britain. Under contract with Policy Press.

Bassel, Leah (2012) Refugee Women: Beyond Gender versus Culture (Routledge). [Click on this link for more information via publisher] [Click on this link for review in Gender, Place and Culture] [Click on this link to hear a recording of the book launch event at UEL]

Debates over the headscarf and niqab, so-called 'sharia-tribunals', Female Genital Operations and forced marriages have raged in Europe and North America in recent years, raising the question – does accommodating Islam violate women’s rights? The book takes issue with the terms of this debate. It contrasts debates in France over the headscarf and in Canada over religious arbitration with the lived experience of a specific group of Muslim women: Somali refugee women. The challenges these women eloquently describe first-hand demonstrate that the fray over accommodating culture and religion neglects other needs and engenders a democratic deficit.

In Refugee Women: Beyond Gender versus Culture, new theoretical perspectives recast both the story told and who tells the tale. By focusing on the politics underlying how these debates are framed and the experiences of women at the heart of these controversies, women are considered first and foremost as democratic agents rather than actors in the 'culture versus gender' script. Crucially, the institutions and processes created to address women’s needs are critically assessed from this perspective.

Breaking from scholarship that focuses on whether the accommodation of culture and religion harms women, Bassel argues that this debate ignores the realities of the women at its heart. In these debates, Muslim women are constructed as silent victims. Bassel pleads compellingly for a consideration of women in all their complexity, as active participants in democratic life. The book will appeal to students and scholars throughout the social sciences, particularly of sociology, political science and women's studies.

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Book chapters

  • Forthcoming, 2018. Akwugo Emejulu and Leah Bassel. ‘Resisting Epistemic Violence: Women of Colour, Austerity and Activism’ in The Violence of Austerity. Vickie Cooper and David Whyte (eds.). London: Pluto Press.
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Other publications

  • 2016. ‘Refugee Women’ (sole-authored) and ‘Minority Women’s Activism in Tough Times’ (with Akwugo Emejulu).  Case Study Videos. SAGE Sociology Video Collection.
  • 2015. ‘Migrant women, belonging and citizenship’ Sociology Review 24(4): 18-21.
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  • Sosenko, F., Netto, G., Emejulu, A. and Bassel, Leah (2013) 'In It Together? Perceptions on Ethnicity, Recession and Austerity in Three Glasgow Communities', Report, Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights, Glasgow. [Click on this link to download the report]
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  • Bassel, Leah (2012) Media and the Riots: A Call For Action (Citizen Journalism Educational Trust).
  • 2010: Leah's work was cited in the United Nations Human Development Report 'The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development'. [Click this link to go to the report online]
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  • Consultancy Report: 'Gender Dimensions of International Migration', Global Commission on International Migration (GCIM). Co-authored with Cathie Lloyd. Presented at 'Workshop on Gender and International Migration', GCIM, Geneva, Switzerland, March 2005.
  • Opinion Piece: 'Le Corps Féminin, Enjeu Politique' [The Female Body: A Political Battleground], Le Devoir, 25 February 2004. [Click this link to go to article online]

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