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On 9th February 2017, acclaimed author and photographer Stuart Roy Clarke celebrated football at a free public event at the University of Leicester organised by DICE
Liverpool FC young mother supporter
Cry for home
Stuart Roy Clarke showing off his photographs
Liverpool new fans
Hackney Women All for one
Machester City Nervous Family
Passionate football supporter
Old football

Artist-in-residence for both the Football Association and Sport England, Clarke is an internationally acclaimed photographer. Clarke used his extraordinary photographs to take the audience on a journey about recent changes in English football and how they had affected the professional game, the women’s game, the stadia, the culture and its fans.

The audience also had a lively discussion with both Stuart Clarke and Associate Professor John Williams, about the 2016 success of Leicester City Football Club and how it had brought the city together, despite the ways in which commercialization has changed local football clubs.

John Williams from the School of Media, Communication and Sociology and Co-Director of DICE, said:

“Stuart Clarke and his camera were ever-presents at one of the transformative moments in the history of English football: the transformation of stadia, crowds and fan culture which occurred as the game recovered from the Hillsborough tragedy in 1989 and prepared to move into the new moneyed, TV-driven Premier League era from 1992. More than any policy advisor, critic or administrator could, Stuart captured aspects of the unique architecture of British football grounds and the extraordinary vitality and diversity of the game's traditional fan base, before the arrival of 'new' football in England. Much of this has since changed: most modern stadia are rationalised, rather sterile, spaces today. And supporter cultures have also changed dramatically, as prices and the new disciplines of stadium usage have had their impact."

Stuart Clarke’s evocative photographs of 'football as home' proved a vital starting place on a rewarding evening to discuss what has improved in the game and the football spectator experience over the past 25 years – increased gender and ethnic inclusion, for example - but also what has been lost, perhaps for good.

Stuart Roy Clarke is the author of a series of picture books on football, as well as being artist-in-residence for both the FootballAssociation and Sport England. He is widely considered to be 'the No.1 photographer of football culture’. His unique Homes of Football exhibition was shown at 89 museums between 1991 & 2005, and at the National Football Museum in 2012, drawing 200,000 visitors. He has another exhibition at the National Football Museum in January 2017.

Photographs courtesy of Homes of Football.

Homes of Football

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