About DICE

The Unit for DICE will be at the core of promoting and celebrating inclusion and diversity while routinely engaging to the local and national community.



  • To stimulate intelligent public debate by informing and entertaining
  • To increase knowledge & understanding of equality, diversity, inclusion and Human Rights issues
  • To give a voice to marginalised communities
  • To connect communities, practitioners, policy and decision makers
  • To campaign for mainstreaming diversity & inclusion issues
  • To emphasise inclusion as part of organisational vision, values, & business planning
  • To promote & support cross-community, cross-cultural and multi-faith exchange
  • To aid in skills development, knowledge and expertise around all these issues

What does DICE offer?

  • Community-focused public lectures & events
  • Local to international conferences
  • Panel discussions & exchanges
  • Practitioner workshops & seminars
  • Tailored master classes for all organisations
  • Community consultation
  • Training and development
  • Policy driven research & consultancy
  • Organisational audits, reviews and implementation support
  • Evaluations & support for third sector bodies
  • Organisational change models
  • Partnership development opportunities

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Professor Surinder SharmaProfessor Surinder Sharma
Co-Director, Honorary Visiting Fellow

For Enquiries

Sajidah Ali
DICE Administrator

0116 223 1070


School of Media, Communication and Sociology

University of Leicester

Bankfield House,132 New Walk Leicester

LE1 7JA United Kingdom