Working With Teens : Understanding and Supporting Teenagers

Sajida Hassan
Panos Vostanis
Tahira Baig
Sakina Reza
Fatima Hassan


Aims: The main aim of this present study is to provide adolescents a platform to share their experiences and provide support to help them manage this challenge phase of life in accordance with social and cultural norms.

Method: This study will consist of six (2 hour long) group sessions of adolescents aged 13-16; the participants will be selected from community centers in low-income areas of Karachi. This group has been selected as the population is highly vulnerable. The group sessions will focus on common difficulties faced by teens, including personal physical and mood changes, relationship issues, drugs and alcohol, role of media, self-esteem/ confidence building and career guidance.

Anticipated Outcome: At the end of the training programme it is anticipated the teens will gain insight into common problems faced at this stage of life and learn ways to manage these issues appropriately to avoid long term difficulties.

Duration: 2011-2012

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