Training And Evaluation of School Based Child Mental Health Training Intervention

Sajida Hassan
Panos Vostanis


Background: A recent epidemiological study of school children in Pakistan reported high rates of common mental health problems. The findings of the study emphasised the need to train teachers as front-line professionals in order to manage common child mental health problem in schools.

Aims: The main aim of this present study is to provide teachers with skills needed to recognize and manage children with mental health problems through school-based training.

Method: This study will involve the development and evaluation of a two-day workshop (10-12 hours) for teachers of primary school children to provide them with an understanding of mental health, and train them in skills needed to meet the needs of children.

Anticipated Outcome: At the end of the training programme it is anticipated there will be an improvement in the teachers’ knowledge, better recognition, and capacity to manage common behavioural and emotional problems.

Duration: 2010-2013

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