Special Educational Needs, Using an Inclusive Approach in Mainstream Schools

Sajida Hassan
Panos Vostanis
Aliya Sibtain
Zainab Okera
Sakina Reza
Sadiqqa Muraj


Background: Special Education Needs is a neglected area in Pakistani educational system. Recent studies have indicated the lack of awareness amongst front line professional including GPs and school teachers regarding identification and management of children with learning difficulties in mainstream classrooms.

Aims: The main aim of this present study is to provide teachers with skills needed to recognize and manage children with learning problems through school-based training.

Method: This study will involve the development and evaluation of a five-day workshop (10-12 hours) for teachers of primary school children to provide them with an understanding of Special Educational Needs and train them in skills needed to identify and meet the needs of children within the school setting.

Anticipated Outcome: At the end of the training programme it is anticipated there will be an improvement in the teachers’ knowledge, better recognition, and capacity to manage pupils with Special Educational Needs using an inclusive approach.


Duration: 2011-2012

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