Clinical Psychology at Leicester

Welcome to the website for Clinical Psychology at the University of Leicester

We offer doctoral level training in clinical psychology in the National Health Service, as well as a range of short courses for qualified colleagues from the UK and beyond.

“The course is very reflective and very encouraging of trainees.”

Our main aim is to train graduate psychologists to become rigorous and reflective practitioners, with an ability to apply psychological thinking in a bold and flexible way. This will involve working with individuals and groups to bring about positive change, as well as finding ways to bring psychological research and ideas to bear on the challenges that face us in today’s complex and changing world.

We are a group of active researchers, with skill and expertise in using both quantitative and qualitative methods, and we strongly support publication of trainees’ research.

We pride ourselves on our non-doctrinaire approach and very positive relationships with trainees and placement providers. We provide high quality teaching on cognitive-behavioural, psychodynamic, systemic and community approaches, and we have a well-established and popular programme of reflective practice seminars. We have a valued and stable group of service users who provide input to many aspects of our training. We encourage freedom of thought and active participation in our teaching.

I feel that training [at Leicester] has enabled me to become much more politically minded as to how broader societal factors impact on distress at an individual level.”

We have developed our teaching on systemic therapy and clinical neuropsychology so that trainees cover Foundation level material for the full systemic training, and can take forward credits towards the post-doctoral qualification in clinical neuropsychology.

“Role play with actors is an invaluable part of the training…a safe and useful environment to try out tricky clinical situations.”


The city of Leicester is proud of its diverse and youthful population, and in accordance with our surroundings we have a keen interest in culture and diversity. We have established links with clinical psychology services in Cuba, Ethiopia and the USA, and offer trainees the opportunity of international observational placements. We also welcome clinical psychology visitors from around the world to our annual International Fortnight when we look at clinical psychology in a global context. We engage, through research and teaching, in thinking about the organisational culture of the NHS and issues of difference, and one public forum for this is our blog, Psychology Cultures


  “Definitely would recommend applying to Leicester if you want a nurturing environment situated within an ethnically diverse population.”



*All quotes are from the 2015 Alternative Handbook

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