Community Based Parent Training Programme For Vulnerable Children

Sajida Hassan
Panos Vostanis
Fatima Hassan
Aliya Sibtain
Zainab Okera
Sakina Reza
Tahira Baig
Sadiqqa Muraj


Background: A recent epidemiological study of school children in Pakistan reported high rates of common mental health problems. The findings of the study emphasised the need to train parents in order to manage common child mental health problem effectively within the family setting.

Aims: The training aims to provide parents with the skills needed to recognize and manage children with behavioral difficulties using behavior management strategies and creative play activities to improve the home environment.

Method: the training consists of ten sessions of two hours each (total 20 credit hours) conducted with mothers of children attending primary schools in low-income areas of Karachi. The intervention consists of six sessions related to understanding behavioral difficulties and managing them appropriately at home. Four sessions focus on creative play and fun activities that can be enjoyed at home to ensure quality time between children and parents.

Anticipated Outcome: At the end of the training programme it is anticipated that parents will acquire skills needed to effectively manage children behavioural difficulties at home and enjoy quality play and creative activity time with children at home. 


Duration: 2011-2012

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