ERSC Research Governance Project

Mary Dixon-Woods

Emma Angell

Richard Ashcroft

Alan Bryman

Clare Jackson

Michelle O'Reilly

Natalie Armstrong

Carolyn Tarrant



This Project has multiple aims related to the evaluation of the current NRES ethics procedure for research within the NHS. This Research project consisted of several small studies:

  1. Confidence and trust in health and social care research - looking at the perceptions that research candidates hold about the research purpose
  2. The functioning of Research Ethics Committees and R&D offices - interviewing key stakeholders about their experiences of ethics
  3. Discourse analysis of Research Ethics Committee letters - to discursively analyse the textual techniques that Research Ethics Committees use to convey meaning to the research teams

 Research Participants

Researchers and other key stakeholders in the research process and Research Ethics committees.


A mix of quantative and qualitative research methods were utilised for this project. Some qualitative research was undertaken using semi-structured interviews of key stakeholders and some naturally occurring data was utilised to undertake discourse analysis. This consisted of the actual letters that Research Ethics Committees sent out to research teams.

Project Status




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