Developing Outcomes Measures for Children and Young People’s Psychological Well-being and Mental Health

Dr Miranda Wolpert (Lead Investigator), University College London
Professor Peter Fonagy, University College London
Professor Norah Frederickson, University College London
Dr Crispin Day, King’s College London
Dr Neil Humphrey, University of Manchester
Professor Panos Vostanis
Dr Pam Meadows, National Institute of Economic and Social Research
Dr Tim Croudace, University of Cambridge
Professor Sir Michael Rutter, Institute of Psychiatry
Professor Peter Tymms, Durham University


The research team will to review the literature pertaining to existing measures - both those in mainstream use and those that are under development. A key challenge is to identify a wide enough range of measures to be able to comprehensively assess viable options, whilst not becoming overwhelmed by the task of attempting to review every possible measure that has ever been developed. Clear inclusion and exclusion criteria will be developed early on in the research to allow the team to focus their energies on relevant measures.

The aim of the proposed research was to produce indicators that will be easy to use and record, acceptable, yield reliable data on valid constructs, be able to be implemented in a cost-effective manner and provide high enough quality data to be used by practitioners, services users, providers and commissioners to understand and improve current practice. 

The objective is to produce a clear and transparent report that outlines the comparative merits of a range of measures with clear guidance on benefits and demerits of each, including cost and suggests the best way forward in the view of the research team.

Duration: 2008

Funding: £67,400, Department for Children, Schools and Families


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