Nisha Dogra


This project is part of the CLAHRC Implementation theme, and investigates the facilitators and barriers to the implementation of specific guidelines for ADHD.  From earlier audits and various care pathway meetings, we already know that there is huge variation in how ADHD is diagnosed and treated, locally and nationally. We are also aware that there is variation in the supports offered to young people and their families as well as schools. Some of this may be resource dependent and some may be skill dependent. There are likely to be specific barriers and enablers in different services. For this reason we propose a methodology that helps identify such issues for a particular service. In this way the service can prioritise within their own.
The Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT) undertook a baseline report and identified the key priorities in meeting the standards. The next stage is to review how these standards can be implemented; barriers and facilitators to their successful implementation. We will also explore how the barriers can be overcome. (This is where Trusts have a lot to learn from partner Trusts, as the likelihood is that different Trusts will be delivering different components well). The baseline report for LPT has identified:

• The gaps which prevent services from achieving the expected standards
• How these gaps might be addressed (by suggestions of action required).
• The priorities regarding service gaps.

The project is under review by the CLAHRC Scientific Committee.

Duration: 2010-2011
Funding: £25,000, NIHR/CLAHRC

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