Research Projects

Current research in Child Mental Health
What can Schools Teach CAMHS? Development and Evaluation of a Training Intervention for CAMHS Staff to Increase Joint Working with Education Services
National Evaluation of the Targeted Mental Health in Schools (TMHS) Programme
Cultural Diversity and Adolescent Mental Health
Impact of Trauma on Children Living in War Zones
Foundation Doctors' Experience of Psychiatry Placements
Undergraduate Psychiatric Education
Student Life Events and their Impact on Academic Progress
Evaluation of the MSc in Child And Adolescent Mental Health
Improving Quality in Patient Information Sheets for Cancer Trial Participation
Development and Evaluation of Teacher Training to Improve Child Mental Health
Characteristics of Looked After and Adopted Children Referred to a Designated Mental Health Service
Inter-Agency Training in Child Mental Health: Tier 1 Professionals' Perspectives
Developing Outcomes Measures for Children and Young People’s Psychological Well-being and Mental Health
Disabling Essentialism: Accountability in Family Therapy: Issues of Disability. Complaints and Child Abuse
ERSC Research Governance Project
Decision Making in Child Mental Health Assessments: A Pilot Study
Training And Evaluation of School Based Child Mental Health Training Intervention
Community Based Parent Training Programme For Vulnerable Children
Special Educational Needs, Using an Inclusive Approach in Mainstream Schools
Working With Teens : Understanding and Supporting Teenagers
Parent and Teacher child mental health training in Pakistan
The ‘Listen-Up!’ project: Understanding and helping looked-after young people who self-harm
Evaluation of School Mental Health Promotion
Substance use and quality of life among adolescents in developing countries
Evaluation of an Attachment group for Carers and Parents of Looked After and Adopted Children
Development of a user-led intervention for homeless children and parents
Collaborative research project to work out what works best for abused and neglected children
Autism Spectrum Disorder

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