Language and Interaction Research Assembly (LIRA)

The Language and Interaction Research Assembly

What is LIRA?


The Language and Interaction Research Assembly (LIRA) was established in 2009 by Dr Michelle O'Reilly as a forum for academics, researchers, clinical professionals and postgraduate students to integrate and discuss ideas relating to discourse research. The group represents a number of different departments within the University of Leicester and Leicestershire NHS Partnership Trust; reflecting the diverse range of interests and research projects in Leicester.  

The aim of the group is to explore the application of language-based analyses and discourse methods to key social topics and facilitate research development and dissemination. Over time the LIRA has attracted new members including Professor Ian Hutchby from the Department of Sociology, following his appointment to the University. This forum provides a benchmark for ideas and a framework to facilitate the dissemination of innovative research projects utilising language-based methodologies. Through this synergy of ideas and skills we hope to take the University of Leicester forward in this area.

The LIRA reflects a diverse range of interests and research activities and encourages new members. While the group has a discourse and conversation analytic focus we encourage members who perform other forms of language-based analyses, such as rhetorical, thematic and narrative analysis. We also welcome honorary members from other academic or clinical institutions who feel they may benefit from attending our group.

Strengths of LIRA

LIRA is a growing research group that seeks to bring people together in a collaborative way and highlight the different interests of different members. As it is an inter-disciplinary group there is great potential for generating new research funding and published outputs. This group provides scope for sharing data, sharing ideas and collaborative working.


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LIRA Director

Dr Michelle O'Reilly
Lecturer and Postgraduate Tutor for Psychiatry
Department of Health Sciences
The Greenwood Institute for Child Health
University of Leicester
Westcotes Drive

Contact Us

Course Administrator

Mrs Pratibha Patel

0116 225 2888