Dr. Tom Muskett, Autism Publications

Muskett, T. & Body, R. (in press).  The case for multimodal analysis of atypical interaction: questions, answers and gaze in play involving a child with autism.  Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics.

Muskett, T., Body, R. & Perkins, M. (2013). A Discursive Psychology critique of semantic verbal fluency assessment and its interpretation. Theory & Psychology, 23, 205-226.

Muskett, T., Body, R., & Perkins, M. (2012). Uncovering the dynamic in static assessment interaction. Child Language Teaching Therapy, 28, 87-99.

Muskett, T., Perkins, P., Clegg, J., & Body, R. (2010). Inflexibility as an interactional phenomenon: using conversation analysis to re-examine a symptom of autism. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, 24, 1-16.

Selected autism conference presentations

Muskett T (2011) Examining language and communication in autism in context. Invited paper presented at ComSym 2011, Paris Decartes University, February 2011.

Muskett T (2012).  On saying what you see: a preliminary discursive re-examination of the ‘joint attention deficit’ in children with autism.  Paper presented at CMARG/DARG International Conference, Loughborough University, March 22nd 2012.

Muskett T (2012) Giving conversation the time it deserves: Using Conversation Analysis to facilitate social interactions involving individuals on the autism spectrum.  Paper presented at Communication: The Key To Success, Edgehill University, June 15th 2012.

Muskett T (2013) Is ‘autism’ about individuals or interactions?  Invited paper presented at Demedicalising Childhood: Perspectives on Autism, Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth, University of Sheffield, January 28th 2013.

Muskett T (2013) When you change the method, you change the ‘disorder’: Constructionist research adventures in the field of autism studies. Paper presented at Disability UoS Inaugural Research Meeting, University of Sheffield, February 13th 2013.

Muskett T (2013) “This is just a game... isn't it?”: Differentiating ‘pretending’ and ‘doing pretence’ in the play of a child with autism.  Invited Departmental seminar presented at the School of Psychology, University of Lincoln, March 6th 2013.

Muskett, T (2013)  Autism and social play: what the experiments don’t tell you.  Paper presented at Atypical Interaction: Conversation Analysis and Communication Difficulties, University of Sheffield, June 27th 2013.

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