Dr John Rae - publications related to autism

2015 Ramey, M., & Rae, J. (2015).  Parents’ Resources for Facilitating the Activities of Children with Autism at Home. J.N. Lester, & M. O'Reilly (Eds.). The Palgrave Handbook of Child Mental Health (pp. 459-479).  London: Palgrave Macmillan UK.

2014 Korkiakangas, T., & Rae, J. (2014). The interactional use of eye-gaze in children with autism spectrum disorders. Interaction Studies, 15(2), 233-259.

2013 Korkiakangas, T., & Rae, J.P. (2013). Gearing up to a New Activity: How Teachers use Object Adjustments to Manage the Attention of Children with Autism. Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 29(1): 83–103.  ISSN 0743-4618 print/ISSN 1477-3848 online DOI: 10.3109/07434618.2013.767488.

2012 Korkiakangas, T.K, Rae, J.P., & Dickerson, P. (2012). The interactional work of repeated talk between a teacher and a child with autism.  Journal of Interaction Research in Communication Disorders, 3(1), 1–25. doi: 10.1558/jircd.v3i1.1.

2010 Stribling, P., & Rae, J. (2010).  Interactional analysis of scaffolding in a mathematical task in ASD. In H. Gardner and M. Forrester (Eds.), Analysing Interactions in Childhood Insights from conversation analysis (chapter 10). New York: Wiley.

2009 Stribling, P., Rae, J., & Dickerson, P. (2009).  Using conversation analysis to explore the recurrence of a topic in the talk of a boy with an autism spectrum disorder. Clinical Linguistics, & Phonetics, 23, 555 – 582.

2007 Dickerson, P, Stribling, P., & Rae. J. (2007). Tapping into interaction: How children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders design and place tapping in relation to activities in progress. Gesture 7, 271–303.

2007 Stribling, P. Rae, J., & Dickerson, P. (2007). Two forms of spoken repetition in a girl with autism. International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders, 42, 427 – 444.

2005 Stribling, P., Rae, J., Dickerson, P., & Dautenhahn, K. (2005/2006).  “Spelling it out”: The design, delivery, and placement of 'echolalic' utterances by a child with an autism spectrum disorder. Issues in Applied linguistics. 15, 3-32.

2004 Dickerson, P., Rae, J., Stribling, P., Dautenhahn, K.,  & Werry, I. (2004). Autistic Children's Co-ordination of Gaze and Talk: Re-examining the 'Asocial' Autist. In K. Richards, & P. Seedhouse  (Eds.), Applying Conversation Analysis (pp. 19-37).  Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

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