Dr Jessica Lester, Brief Biography

Dr Jessica Lester

Affiliation: Inquiry Methodology, Department of Counseling & Educational Psychology, Indiana University

Bio: Jessica Nina Lester is an Assistant Professor of Inquiry Methodology at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana in the US. Much of her research focuses on how social interactions shape individual and collective experiences in schools, clinics, and communities. Within this line of inquiry, Dr. Lester uses a form of discourse analysis that draws upon conversation analysis and discursive psychology, analyzing both textual and conversational data. Over the last four years, she has collected over 300 hours of pediatric therapy data with therapists and children with autism labels. Her current analysis is focused upon: 1) the varied constructions of disabilities; 2) the ways in which “problematic” behaviors are dealt with in and through the therapeutic talk; 3) the management of unexpected communicative patterns of children with autism labels; and 4) the reframing of the nonverbal communication of children with autism labels as linguistically productive.

Email: jnlester@indiana.edu

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