Trini Stickle, Brief Biography

Trini Stickle

Affiliation: Western Kentucky University


My research focuses on interactions that involve persons whose communication processes are affected by acquired or developmental cognitive issues. I use conversation analysis and interactional linguistics to document how participants use verbal, vocal, and embodied resources to collaboratively produce meaningful social actions. Specifically, I rely on these methods to highlight differences noted by the local participants in the use or interpretation of interactional resources and the strategies employed as they continue to negotiate their conversations. My current projects include how epistemic stance markers function between non-impaired persons and persons with dementia and persons with Autism; the local and immediate consequence of parental interactional styles on managing behaviors typical of children who have an Autism diagnosis; and the reciprocal influence of coparticipants’ choice of syntactic structures in the talk, particularly in conversations that involve persons with dementia.

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