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The Judgment and Decision Making group Department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour is a team of psychologists and we are part of the larger multi-disciplinary Leicester Judgment and Decision Making Research Group.  Our research includes formal models, laboratory and field experiments, agent-based simulations of judgment and decision making in artificial and everyday situations, including in the workplace, and the impact of individual differences and social contexts on these processes. Our research has applications in health/medical decision making, financial decision making, and legal decision making.

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Meet our Team

  • Professor Andrew Colman My research interests are in judgment and decision making, game theory and experimental games, and psychometrics. My teaching focuses on judgment and decision making and social psychology.
  • Dr Caren Frosch My research interests centre on judgment and decision making and reasoning in adults and children, including counterfactual thinking (‘if only’ thoughts) and causal reasoning. Together with a background in deductive reasoning dating back to my PhD research, this research feeds into investigations of online risk taking and the relationship between reasoning and mathematical abilities.
  • Dr Eva Krockow My research is the psychology of judgement and decision making. One part of my work focuses on understanding core principles of cooperation and defection, and I study this by modelling human choices in abstract, experimental games. Another part of my work pertains to health-related decision making. Using mixed-methods designs, I investigate doctors’ antibiotic prescribing choices and medical advice giving.
  • Dr Briony Pulford My interests are in overconfidence, cooperation, team reasoning, game theory, trust, moral judgment, and ambiguity aversion. My PhD was concerned with overconfidence in judgements, but since then I have been working on how people perceive and interpret confidence and uncertainty in communication and how this affects decision making. This has influenced my recent research into advice taking and advice giving. I am also interested in how people trust advice and information from artificial intelligence.


  • Dr Lindsay Browning (Honorary Fellow) 2020-2021 working with Dr Briony Pulford
  • Dr Marta Mangiarulo Research Assistant working with Dr Briony Pulford, Professor Andrew Colman, and Dr Caren Frosch.

PGR Students

  • Maryam Bathaei Javareshk (PhD student)
  • Benoît Béchard (visiting student, 2019)
  • Dhipteen Kaur Braich (PhD student)
  • Jody Faro (PhD student)
  • Jesica Gomez-Sanchez (visiting student 2019)
  • Checheng Ma (visiting student, 2019)
  • Jodi Withers (PhD student)

Research Page

Current Research Projects within the group include:

  • The role of confidence cues on deception in competitive dyadic situations (Colman, Pulford, Mangiarulo)
  • Individual and dyadic moral dilemmas, judging what others will do in morally difficult situations (Pulford)
  • Understanding strategic reasoning in dyadic competitive and cooperative games (Colman, Pulford, Krockow)
  • Research on online adolescent risk taking, working with the educational charity Warning Zone (Frosch, Pulford)
  • Health-related decision making - perceptions of risks and uncertainty underlying medical treatment choices and antibiotic prescribing (Krockow)


Fergus Bolger (University of Durham)
Fiona Butcher (Dstl)
Raphael Gillett (Retired)
Yongyu Guo (Central China Normal University)
David Hargreaves (Roehampton University)
Gareth Jones (Deighton Consultants)
Catherine Lawrence (University of Bangor)
Clare Mapplebeck (Clinical psychologist)
Diana Pinto (University of Leicester)
Eike Buabang (University of Leiden)
Jo Rose (University of Bristol)
Daniela Rudloff (Daniela Aidley) (University of Leicester)
Wladek Sluckin (deceased)
Jonathan Stirk (University of Nottingham)
Carolyn Tarrant (University of Leicester)
Malcolm Walley (University of Northampton)


Ali al-Nowaihi (University of Leicester)
Michael Bacharach (University of Oxford, deceased)
Phil Beaman (University of Reading)
Lindsay Browning (Honorary Visiting Fellow)
Ruth Byrne (Trinity College Dublin)
Sanjit Dhami (University of Leicester)
Mary Dixon-Woods (University of Leicester)
Suzanne Egan (Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick)
Natalie Gold (University of Oxford)
Emmanuel Haven (University of Leicester)
Phil Johnson-Laird (Princeton University)
Tom W. Körner (University of Cambridge)
David Lagnado (University College London)
Graham Loomes (the University of Warwick)
Hsin-Hsien Liu (Southern Taiwan University)
Rachel McCloy (University of Reading)
Gloria Moss (University of Buckingham)
Teresa McCormack (Queen’s University Belfast)
Olivier Musy (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre, France)
David Omtzigt (Yatedo, Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
Ian M. Pountney (University of Birmingham, deceased)
Amnon Rapoport (University of Arizona & University of California, Riverside)
Eldar Shafir (Princeton University)
Wladek Sluckin (University of Leicester, deceased)
Tim Stokes (University of Birmingham)
Masanori Takezawa (Hokkaido University, Japan)
Tarik Tazdaït (CNRS-EHESS-CIRED, France)
Rick Thomas (University of Leicester)

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