Research in Psychology at the University of Leicester

Research in Psychology at the University of Leicester


The School of Psychology aims to undertake internationally leading research within the broad areas of cognition, neuroscience, vision, developmental psychology and social psychology. We have an interdisciplinary research approach in which both fundamental and applied research questions are investigated.

As part of the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology, our research benefits from extensive collaborations with basic scientists, epidemiologists, health psychologists, ophthalmologists, and clinical practitioners. In addition we work with a significant number of government, public sector and industry partners including education providers, services allied to health and the legal system.

Our overarching research aim is to promote active research collaborations at both a national and international level.

Please note that the School of Psychology has now become part of the new, larger, Department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour and these pages are currently under review.

Cognitive & Behavioural Sciences


Perception & Sensory Processing
Cellular & Molecular Neurobiology

Judgment and Decision Making

Memory, Attention and Spatial Cognition

Health & Psychological Wellbeing

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