Dr Arabella Kurtz

Arabella Kurtz is a Senior Clinical Tutor and an Honorary Senior Lecturer on the clinical psychology course. She is Curriculum Lead and organises the Reflective Practice Seminar Programme for trainees as well as the teaching in psychoanalytic theory and its applications. She is currently training as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and does psychotherapeutic work with adults in local NHS services.


Senior Clinical Tutor & Honorary Senior Lecturer



  • qualitative research, including data generated from psychodynamic observational work
  • the use of self in qualitative research, particularly in observations
  • the experiences and needs of forensic mental health staff or staff working in challenging healthcare settings
  • the application of psychoanalytic thinking to NHS services and settings.


Recent Publications


  • Kurtz, A. & Jeffcote, N. (2011) 'Everything contradicts in your mind': A qualitative study of forensic mental health staff in two contrasting services'. Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health.
  • Coetzee, J.M. & Kurtz, A. (2010) '"Nevertheless My Sympathies Are With The Karamazovs": A Correspondence'. Salmagundi, 166-167: 39-72.
  • Kurtz, A. & Tweed, A. (2008) ‘Introduction: Towards a psychology of marginalisation’. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 5: 1-6.
  • Tweed, A. & Kurtz, A. (2008) ‘Special issue: Qualitative Research and Marginalisation’ (Guest editors). Qualitative Research in Psychology 5.
  • Kurtz, A. & Turner, K. (2007) ‘An exploratory study of the needs of staff who care for offenders with a diagnosis of personality disorder’. Psychology and Psychotherapy 80(3): 421-435.
  • Kurtz, A. (2005) The needs of staff who care for people with a diagnosis of personality disorder who are considered a risk to others’. Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology 16(2): 399-422.
  • Kurtz, A. & Richardson, P. (Eds.) (2004) ‘Special section: Novelists in conversation with psychologists’. Psychology and Psychotherapy 77(2): 141-206.
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  • Fonagy, P. & Kurtz, A. (2002) ‘Disturbance of conduct’. In (2002) Fonagy, P., Target, M., Cottrell, D., Phillips, J., Kurtz, Z. (Eds.) What Works for Whom?: A Critical Review of Treatments for Children and Adolescents. New York: The Guilford Press.
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  • Kurtz, A. (2002) What works for delinquency? A review of studies into the effectiveness of interventions for teenage offending behaviour. Journal of Forensic Psychiatry 13(3): 671-692.


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